Women Leading the Mindfulness Movement

Mindfulness teaches us to speak and act with right intention.  To be aware of others and ourselves in all that we do.

Along with MLK’s life celebration this week, I am reminded of his commitment to non-violent communication. Something that I fear we are losing in our discourse of modern day issues.

So much of what I see and experience on social media goes into tearing down the other’s ideas, or one’s defending of their right to have a viewpoint, or event having to protect oneself from aggressive verbal attacks.

When did we stop being open to hearing and learning from all sides of the issues?  When did we start believing that every snippet of information on social media has provided the full story?

MLK taught us mindful speaking when he refused to get caught in a discourse that furthered hate.

For this week’s #womencrushwednesday, I wanted to highlight this article on women who are leading the Mindfulness Movement.

10 Powerful Women of the Mindfulness Movement

A great book I recently discovered on nonviolent communication and mindful speaking is “Words That Work” by Frank Luntz.

Share in the comments below:  “What does being mindful speaking mean to you?”

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