Women Connected Coaching

Women Connected Coaching programs are learning journeys to empowerment, authenticity and belonging.   

As women, this means identifying our default patterns of response, and moving towards living from conscious awareness and choice.

We no longer look to the status quo to find our path of becoming, rather we look within ourselves for the unique perspectives, gifts, power, perspective, and talents we have to offer.

The Art of Transitions Coaching

As women are lives filled with many seasons driven by not only the external events in our lives, but also by our biology. Navigating the 3-stages of transition is a work-and life-long skill. Here you will identify a transition(s) in which you find yourself and apply the skills to meaning of the transition, learn to let go with grace, stay grounded during the liminal space, and prepare for new beginnings.

Immunity to Change Coaching

Do you find yourself reaching for new ways to show up in the world, only to feel stuck in invisible patterns? We often have goals in the world without realizing that our inner thoughts and attitudes are holding us back. This dynamic becomes illuminated in The Immunity to Change (ITC) methodology, creating a map for understanding our resistance and a path through.

The Visual Journaler Coaching

Awaken your creativity through The Visual Journaler programs. Every journal spread we create has a story to tell. This story is first told in colors, metaphor, symbols, and imagery. You’ll learn to see the patterns in your life, know your many selves, and gain new insights into who you are. When combined with coaching, we integrate our many voices and bring new meaning to our personal mythologies.​

Are you ready to:

~ Reconnect with your innate feminine qualities?

~ Take the journey towards wholeness?

~ Choose how you show up in the world?

~ Discover the unique purpose of each cycle of your life?

~ Uncover and express your dreams that have been sidelined?

~ Stop being a people-pleaser for the sake of getting along?

~ Take a stand for who you are?

~ Heal, teach, lead, or in some other way bring positive change to our planet?

What I Can Help You With

Leadership Development

Navigating Transitions

Personal Growth

Wellness & Mindfulness

Creative Expression


Releasing Pleasing

Emotional Freedom

Impact and Influence

Mature Confidence

Inner and Outer Alignment

Happiness and Gratitude

What My Wonderful Clients Say

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