What would it be like to bring your visions of change into reality?

Women Connected Coaching provides you with the tools to cultivate your inner resources so that you are fully expressing your potential.

1:1 Coaching

Press the pause button to step back and reflect on your purpose, values, direction, decisions, actions, and have an aligned inner/outer life.

Group Coaching

Experience learning within a cohort of 10 women where collaboration and sharing wisdom are key ingredients.

Executive Coaching

Coaching tailored to your situation and needs to raise self-awareness, cultivate your talents, and accelerate your development.

Terri Altschul, PCC, Executive Coach
Founder, WomenConnected.net

My mission is to support and guide women as they are drawn to wholing themselves and realizing their potential.

I’ve been facilitating and guiding coaching programs and small group experiences since 2007.  I started while I was still in my corporate career and held an organizational development role. Over the years, I have realized how I love coaching and group process work, and it’s my thing. 

I wanted to create a place for women to connect, experience belonging, and be seen and witnessed – something missing in our world today.  I began the journey to founding Women Connected in 2011.  Today, we offer online coaching and Women Connected Circles to support women drawn to wholeness and realizing their potential. 

Into this work, I bring forward my education and lessons learned from a corporate career on Wall Street, being a working mom to three boys, managing home, family, and work, and the unique challenges our culture continues to perpetuate for women. 

My background specializes in career-long work in adult development through various leadership positions in Learning & Leadership Development. 

Additionally, I:

  • studied and am certified in the Immunity to Change methodologies with Harvard professors Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey,
  • completed the year-long Gestalt Training program in Cleveland,
  • certified in Integral Coaching with James Flaherty, and
  • have ongoing studies with Eric Maisel on creativity and creative expression,
  • am a certified ICF PCC coach with more than 5,000 coaching and group work hours.

If you really know me, you would know I’m an introvert, adore my husband, sons, and little granddaughters, and am repossessing the third act of life for women.

Executive Coaching

  • If we work together in this private container, you’re essentially getting me as your partner and mentor. We’ll talk through everything, and I’ll guide you in every area of your career and life that you want support with. 
  • 6 or 12-month options.
  • Two 1-on-1 Coaching Calls per month: this is where the magic happens. We’ll talk through whatever you need on our private calls, whether it’s your strategy, skills, mindset,  team, relationships, or money. I’ll give you customized feedback and pull from my experience as a 30-year professional in organizational and leadership development, not to mention my expertise coaching countless leaders, executives, and leadership teams.
  • You can expect me to listen deeply and that you will experience the relief of feeling seen and heard.
  • My approach is non-normative; in other words, this is coaching to help you identify what is particularly you and supports you to live by your own inner guidance.
  • Includes Leadership Agility 360′ assessment and debrief.
  • In between our calls, you can always email or message me for quick check-ins, questions.
  • All the resources, assessments, and worksheets created for your program are available in the coaching portal and yours to keep. 
  • You also get access to everything I create in my business during our time together. That includes my courses and live events.

The Investment:  $800 per month

Women Connected
Signature Coaching Programs

Transformational Conversations.  Measurable Change.  1:1 or Groups.



The Work / Life Compass Program is for determining and achieving your desired future. A blend of personal analysis, imagination, and strategic planning, this program will help you creatively organize and manage your options. The materials for this program are graphic templates that ease the challenge of self-exploration by structuring and focusing your thinking.  A hard copy program workbook will be sent to you.

⇒Program Length:  6 months   

Live Sessions:  12 Video Coaching Sessions

  • Module 1:  Orient to Your Situation
  • Module 2:  The Journey From There to Here
  • Module 3:  Cross Section Your Time
  • Module 4:  Preferences and Possibilities
  • Module 5:  Work / Life Wheel
  • Module 6:  Vision Your Brightest Future
  • Module 7:  Path Exploration
  • Module 8:  Choices in Context
  • Module 9:  A Day in the Life
  • Module 10:  Create a Strategy for Accomplishing Your Outcomes
  • Module 11:  Integration
  • Module 12:  Next Steps

Your investment for this program is $3,000 or 6 monthly payments of $500. 


You’ve heard of the glass ceiling – the pervasive resistance to the efforts of women and minorities to reach the top ranks of management in major corporations.   

What if I told you that women also have an inner glass ceiling?

An “unconscious template” that has been defined for us, by others, for generations.  It has been passed down to us through our parents, teachers, and other authority figures. 

This unconscious template is encoded with what society thinks is possible, impossible, and taboo for women. It tells us what feminine qualities are perceived to have value and which attributes should be discarded.

In this coaching program, Terri guides you to explore your own inner glass ceiling, gain greater awareness about how invisible constraints impact you and uncover your own brilliance and inner authority waiting to be released.

Releasing the Inner Glass Ceiling program brings together the most potent tools of modern psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness to actuate a foundational rewiring so we can recognize and release the outdated standards for women and step into a new future.  A digital workbook is included.

⇒Program Length:  6 months   

Live Sessions:  12 Video Coaching Sessions

  • Module 1:  Orient to Your Situation
  • Module 2:  Making the Invisible, Visible
  • Module 3:  A Map of Your Inner Glass Ceiling
  • Module 4:  Success Picture
  • Module 5:  Aligning Your Inner and Outer Worlds
  • Module 6:  Design Experiments
  • Module 7:  Run & Analyze Experiments
  • Module 8:  Releasing & Letting Go
  • Module 9:  Creating a New Narrative
  • Module 10:  Commitment Blueprint
  • Module 11:  Integration
  • Module 12:  Next Steps
  • Your investment for this program is $3,000 or 6 monthly payments of $500. 




There are different types of creativity, which makes it difficult to define. People often limit their definitions of creativity to art, but this is too limiting. Creativity comes in the form of original thought, divergent thinking, problem-solving, inspiration, and imagination. To improve creativity, it is essential that you understand the definition of creative thinking and what steps you can take to improve your own thought process.

Creativity and innovation will improve your chances of success in business and life. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to inspire you and develop your creative mindset. By changing how you think and overcoming your fear of risk, you will improve your creativity and change your life.

⇒Program Length:  6 months   

Live Sessions:  12 Video Coaching Sessions

  • Module 1:  What is Creativity?
  • Module 2:  Getting Inspired
  • Module 3:  Improving Your Creative Mindset, Part 1
  • Module 4: Improving Your Creative Mindset, Part 2
  • Module 5:  Curiosity
  • Module 6:  What Would Happen If…
  • Module 7:  Get Messy
  • Module 8:  Tolerating the Ugly and Discordant
  • Module 9:  Incubating Ideas
  • Module 10: Creating in the Middle of Life
  • Module 11:  Starting a Daily Creative Practice
  • Module 12:  Celebrating Creativity

Your investment for this program is $3,000 or 6 monthly payments of $500.


The best leaders are committed to continuously improving themselves and others in lives, companies, and communities.  Undertaking a leadership role is an ongoing, dynamic process without a clear beginning, middle, or end.  Whether you are currently in a leadership position or aspire to become a leader, this program will provide a systematic process for discovering who you are and making conscious choices about your leadership approach.

⇒Program Length:  6 months   

Live Sessions: 12 Video Coaching Sessions

  • Module 1:  Where Does Leadership Fit in Your Life?
  • Module 2:  Your Leadership Profile
  • Module 3:  Organizational Realities, Demands, and Expectations
  • Module 4:  Your Leadership Vision
  • Module 5:  Your Motivations, Values, and Character Strengths
  • Module 6:  Personal Realities, Demands, and Expectations
  • Module 7:  Action Planning

Your investment for this program is $3,000 or 6 monthly payments of $500.  

Online Coaching Portal

Our online coaching portal streamlines your coaching experience:

  • Schedule, change and track your coaching sessions
  • Access your Zoom link from inside the portal
  • Access resources and program materials
  • 24/7 messaging to Terri between sessions
  • Available on all devices