Women Connected Coaching

Women Connected Coaching programs are learning journeys to empowerment, authenticity and belonging.   

As women, this means identifying our default patterns of response, and moving towards living from conscious awareness and choice.

We no longer look to the status quo to find our path of becoming, rather we look within ourselves for the unique perspectives, gifts, power, perspective, and talents we have to offer.

Are you ready to:

~ Reconnect with your innate feminine qualities?

~ Take the journey towards wholeness?

~ Choose how you show up in the world?

~ Discover the unique purpose of each season of your life?

~ Uncover and express your dreams that have been sidelined?

~ Stop being a people-pleaser for the sake of getting along?

~ Take a stand for who you are?

~ Heal, teach, lead, or in some other way bring positive change to our planet?

What I Can Help You With


Integrating Shadow


Navigating Transitions

Leadership Development

Health & Wellness

Emotional Intelligence


Mature Confidence

Inner and Outer Alignment

Courageous Conversations


Terri Altschul
My mission is to help heart-centered women unlock their potential and make profound change in the world.

My Name is Terri Altschul

And my programs help women like you  see the invisible barriers holding them back to release natural talents, gifts, and vitality.

I deeply understand women like you — because I’ve also lived it. I worked on Wall Street for 20 years while raising three sons. There I experienced the role expectations for being a woman in a man’s world, and know first-hand the challenges that come up when a woman steps outside of those expectations. 

My turning point came at the point of burnout and I began to realize how exploited I had allowed myself to become just to be accepted.   

As I have stepped into this next stage of my work and life, I share the tools and processes that I have learned to explore, heal, and transform our inner parts, to live life more creatively, to be more connected to all that is around you, and to find the quiet voice within that guides and anchors your choices.

And I want to share those learnings with you.