Women Connected Coaching

Women Connected Coaching programs are learning journeys to empowerment, authenticity and belonging.   

As women, this means identifying our default patterns of response, and moving towards living from conscious awareness and choice.

We no longer look to the status quo to find our path of becoming, rather we look within ourselves for the unique perspectives, gifts, power, perspective, and talents we have to offer.

Thrive Across All Domains of Your Life

Women Connected Coaching works with the unconscious processes that are at the root of most of our problems in life.  This conversational coaching approach is effective with lasting results.

Terri Altschul guides clients into multiple ways of knowing themselves and expanding self-awareness through mindfulness, holding the liminal space, embracing ancient wisdom, shadow work, creativity, and somatic practices, alongside coaching psychology.

Through these professional and empowering coaching programs, clients are supported to release trapped vital energy and unearth their core strengths and values.

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Three innovative disciplines—Leadership, Self-Authoring, and Navigating Transitions—are delivered by Terri, a professional trained coach, a corporate leader, and a practitioner of mindfulness and creativity.

Terri helps women stay focused on leading more successful, meaningful, and values-based lives.

This personalized support helps you cultivate your unique strengths and talents as well as achieve greater success, wellbeing, and personal satisfaction. 


Leadership Agility

Master the competency needed for sustained success in today’s complex, business environment and cultivate the capacities that underlie mature leadership skills. This program guides women to bring greater agility to the initiatives they take every day.

The Self-Authoring Woman

In order to own the expanse of her voice and her stories, women need to self-author. When a woman is self-authoring, she is making choices and decisions that align with chosen beliefs and values vs. those she inherited.

Navigating Transitions

For women transitions are driven by events in the external world and by her biology as she moves from menses to her childbearing years to menopause. Greet each change and each stage of life with curiosity and fulfillment.

Let's stop looking outside for answers...

and begin looking within!

What My Wonderful Freedom Empowerers Say

Terri Altschul is a highly empathic, intuitive healer, whose innate right-brain gifts are presented within a grounded set of recognized and data-proven modalities.  I think this combination is essential in our post-modern world, where it can often be an ongoing challenge to maintain our balance in the midst of so much turbulence, conflicting demands, and different understandings of what we wish were a commonly-shared reality.  In my experience with Terri, she was able to enter into an unusual set of coaching circumstances, quickly establish rapport and connection, and assess and feel into my situation in a systematic yet heart-filled way.  She offered coaching exercises and practices that were just off-the-beaten track enough for me to be inspired and energized by them, and they have been helpful.  In fact, more than two years later, I’m still working with some of them, and now consider them to be ‘arrows in my quiver’ for my own coaching clients.  So I would definitely feel happy about recommending Terri to anyone who asked me for a personal coaching referral.
Rev. Russ Russell, Zen Priest, Mediator & Mindfulness-Based Life Coach

You’ve heard of the glass ceiling – the pervasive resistance to the efforts of women and minorities to reach the top ranks of management in major corporations.   

What if I told you that women also have an inner glass ceiling?

An “unconscious template” that has been defined for us, by others, and passed down for generations through the motherline.

This unconscious template is encoded with what society thinks is possible, impossible, and what is taboo for women. It tells us what feminine qualities are perceived to have value, and which attributes should be discarded.

In this Live Webinar, Terri will share the 9 Shifts that make it possible for women to release this template and reclaim their voice, authenticity, and belonging.

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