Deeper connections, purposeful conversations, and the power to move your dreams into motion – all of these and more await you in a Women Connected Circle!

Women Connected Circles are revolutionary in their simplicity as well as depth.  You can expect to make profound changes when committed to the very practical processes of Women Connected Circles.

A Place For You

A place where deep listening, acceptance of individual differences is the norm.  Show up as you are to be seen, heard, and understood.  It’s a place where growth occurs through creative activities and intentional conversations.

Online Journal

Journals are the centerpiece of the Circle experience.  Each month new sections will be added.  Here you will find teachings, journaling prompts and self-inquiries,  and the worksheets to integrate what you are learning.

The Circle Way

Live Circles have a design and structure.  This design allows Circle members the safety of knowing how we will be working together and using their journal preparation.

The Women Connected Experience

Individual Circles

Circles Membership

What Women Are Saying