Are you tired of being manipulated? While virtually anyone can be manipulated depending on the circumstances, some people are walking targets.  Such people display certain personality traits, behaviors and ways of thinking that render them extremely vulnerable to manipulative control.

Those who have the “need to please” habits and mindsets are particularly vulnerable.

The truth is that people-pleaser is a sweet sounding name for a pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting that can become a serious and far-reaching problem.

As a people-pleaser you feel controlled by your need to please others.  At the same time, you feel out of control over the pressures and demands that those needs have created.

Your need to please others is not limited to just saying yes a little too often or to occasionally going overboard in doing nice things for other people.  Instead, if you’re a people-pleaser, your emotional tuning dials are jammed on the frequency of what you believe other people expect of you.  Just the perception that another might need your help is enough to send you people pleasing response system into overdrive.

If you are a people-pleaser, you will know how central the concept of nice is to your identity.

The price of nice, however, is that other people can and will manipulate and exploit your willingness to please them.  Your niceness may even blind you to the fact that you are being manipulated and exploited.

To make matters worse, even if you do suspect that you are being manipulated, you are too nice to confront, criticize or have the kind of direct, frank, and candid conversation that is necessary to stop a manipulator and protect your own self-interest.

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