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The Best Year of Your Life Begins With Inner Freedom

Over a week ago, I joined one of the Women’s Marches that were going on all over the world and was so happy to be standing up for myself and all women. 

There are many challenges in the outer world for women today.  But one of our greatest challenges lies in the content of our inner world.  Regardless of how the outer world changes, if we believe we are not worthy or if we lack the confidence to express our views and experiences, the changes in the outer world will not seem sufficient and we will continue to feel “lacking”.

As Shirley Chisolm says “…the stereotyping of girls begins at birth”.  As young children we are born into societies that have already decided what is possible and not possible for girls.  These beliefs are reinforced by our parents and other authority figures in our young lives.  They are passed down through our mothers who often impose rules and restrictions in order to keep her daughters safe.

Then, when young girls reach puberty, they come face-to-face with the wall of patriarchy and begin to experience these stereotypes first hand.

All of these messages, rules, and beliefs are being imprinted on the minds of young girls and women.  They are reinforced when young girls and women try to break free or resist those beliefs – often with negative consequences. 

We call this accumulation of beliefs “Your Inner Glass Ceiling”.  An unconscious template that is passed down through the generations and reinforced by the society in which we grow. 

Do any of these points sound familiar?

  • You have a bold, courageous part of yourself that wants to be fully expressed but something is holding you back.
  • You have an awareness of old negative habits and want to change them but can’t stick with the change.
  • You sense that it is more than your external circumstances holding you back but you can’t put your finger on the issue.
  • You are ready to give up being “politically correct” in favor of authenticity.
  • Your relationships with other women are competitive and you want to shift the energy.
  • You are tired of judging and being judged.
  • You conflate, shrink, or withdraw when you receive negative feedback.
  • You steel yourself in emotional armor so you won’t be named “emotional”.
  • On the outside you appear confident and capable, but on the inside you feel like an “imposter” or fraud.
  • You want to make the world a better place and yet your talents are invisible, misunderstood or under utilized.
  • You use perfection as a strategy and hold yourself to expectations and standards that are unrealistic and unattainable.
  • You model yourself after male role models and cringe when you “act like a girl”.
  • You dim or even hide your brilliance so that others won’t feel intimidated around you.
  • You want to remember the girl inside who was fearless and full of life.
  • You want to make changes but find yourself without a road map, a mentor, or a female role model to guide you.

We can change this template.  To do this, we must stop looking outside ourselves, AND BEGIN LOOKING WITHIN.

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