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Experience the intersection of Coaching + Art Journaling with 7 days of creative ideas. A FREE email course with one teaching a day for 7 days taking you into the Inner Journey of Art Journaling ™ sent straight from my heart – to your inbox.

For many years, I’ve been guiding women through the changes and transitions in their lives.  Helping them to juggle all their responsibilities and take care of themselves, while also developing their own passions and potentialities.

Three years ago, I discovered a hidden passion within myself when trying to create a business plan.  I’ve never been an Excel spreadsheet person yet needed a structure to help me get my business ideas organized.  After doing some research, I found a book called “The Right Brain Business Plan” by Jennifer Lee.  This book combines business planning concepts with creative activities using art materials.  It was so much fun!

After doing my business planning, I didn’t want to stop and started to wonder how else I might incorporate art making into my coaching programs.  I began with the Women Connected Circle journals and offered expressive art exercises in addition to the traditional reflection questions.

From there I went on to process the grief of losing my mom and exploring the mother-daughter relationship in my Feminine Shadow journal.  With a coaching approach, I took myself into the art journaling process through questions and self-inquiry, setting my intention, and allowing my body to connect with my inner knowing and inner seeing before responding with art supplies.  I learned that I was encoding myself in my journal spreads.

I was able to sort out my emotions, express love, disappointment and even conflicts that I had with my mom without feeling like I was betraying her, calm myself, express my emotions without shame, and set my own pace – taking one piece at a time.

I’m telling you this story today because I believe in the transformative power of art journaling when joined with a coaching approaching and would love to share this work with you through my new mini course “STart Journaling”.

Experience the intersection of Coaching + Art Journaling with 7 days of creative ideas.  One teaching a day for 7 days. Sent from my heart straight to your inbox.

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