The Art of Letting Go Toolkit – Interactive Journal

This downloadable guide “The Art of Letting Go” is part of the Women Connected Balance and Self Care series.


Learning to ‘let go’ is an on-going practice in living life consciously.  It is part of the ebb and flow of life…..endings, the ambiguity of not knowing what’s next, and ultimately new beginnings.

In the process of “The Art of Letting Go”, we learn how to release with dignity and gratitude the closings in our life.  As we learn to consciously work with endings in our lives, we open ourselves to the possibilities for new perspectives and new wisdom to enter.

This e-Book will take you into a process to consider what you need to release and why you’re holding on.  Understanding why you’re holding on will help you get to the underlying hook for not letting go.

“The Art of Letting Go” downloadable guide is a part of The Women Connected Balance and Self Care Series.  Get started towards more emotional and energetic freedom in your life.


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