Daily Gratitude Journal Template


The path of awakening involves both transforming the mind/brain and uncovering the true nature that was there all along. Brain science is showing us that there is a relationship between gratitude and happiness.

Researchers at the Greater Good Science Center have this to say about Gratitude:

  • Gratitude is associated with self-worth.
  • Gratitude is a really social emotion.
  • Gratitude increases our social connections with one another. And,
  • Connections are really the stuff of happiness.

The more connected we feel to the people around us, the happier we tend to be.  Additionally, our brains are giant filters. We can’t consciously take in and make sense of everything our senses perceive. So when we start to practice gratitude, we shift our filter so that we take in things that are blessings and focus less on the things that are hassles.

So how can you begin a gratitude practice?

In this Women Connected pdf, we’ve created a template to guide you in a daily gratitude practice. Download as many copies of the template as you’d like to create your own Gratitude Journal.


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