Interactive Journal – 10 Tools to Relieve Anxiety & Stress


10 Tools to Relieve Anxiety and Stress works with your mind and body to help identify sources of stress and then realign yourself based on what’s most important in your life.

All in this beautiful e-Book, you will receive 10 tools to help you manage stress, identify energy zappers and live life purposely.  It will help you to get in and stay in the habit of self-care.

If you have been searching for relief, you’ll find it in this downloadable PDF.

The Ten Tools:  

  • Tool #1 –  “The Wheel of Life”
  • Tool #2 –  “Self-Care Quiz”
  • Tool #3 –  “Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone”
  • Tool #4 –  “My Energy Zappers”
  • Tool #5 –  “Detox Your Relationships”
  • Tool #6 –  “Self-Care & Needs Review”
  • Tool #7 –  “The Power of No”
  • Tool #8 –  “What Do I Need to Let Go Of?”
  • Tool #9 –  “My Not To-Do List”
  • Tool # 10-“Daily Gratitude Diary Template”



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