Terri AltshultI’m so glad you are here!

I help women who want to live a life of authenticity and belonging by guiding them to their inner wisdom so that they may resolve the conflicts between who they want to be and who they think they’re suppossed to be.

Discover the soulful and empowering processes of Women Connected  to help you live a life of meaning and purpose, and fearlessly express your gifts in the world.

I have trained in multiple schools of coaching that support an inside-out approach to development and change which allows me to be fluid with the direction for your coaching.  

I believe that everyone has the capacity to live their dreams and experience emotional, psychological, and spiritual wholeness. My intention in our work together is to support your  to identify and integrate parts of yourself that may be holding you back – whether it’s through creating new awareness, integrating blind spots, building new capacities, or working with your shadow.

I am an ICF Certified Professional Coach, Art Journaler, Wife, Mom, and Feminist.  

My clients describe me as insightful, empathic, direct, and supportive.  I have done, and continue to do, my own work, deepening my awareness of my own patterns and integrating newly discovered parts of myself.

My particular brand of ‘medicine’ is to deeply hear you and see you, and reflect this back so that you may see your own light.

I am here to hold space for you and to be a witness to your journey.  To support you when life throws the inevitable curveballs, and to offer inquiries that take you just a little deeper, just a little further, than you thought possible.

Creativity is an intuitive process I incorporate throughout my work. Whether it’s meditation, creative visualizations, journal spilling, parts work, a creative exercise to tap into the right side of your brain and bypass the inner critic, a beautifully designed interactive journal, or a mixed-media Inner Journey of Art Journaling class where we work with paint, collage, and other art materials.  Creativity guides us into a deeper knowing of ourselves.  I believe that creative expression taps into the unknown parts of Self in ways that are gentle and evoke curiosity within us.

I often love drawing on mythology, archetypes, and the Divine Feminine to bring further healing and support into our work.

Regardless of your specific life situation, through a whole-person coaching approach, I can support you to:

  • Hear your body’s wisdom and your inner knowing
  • Understand your personal mythology
  • Love the wounded parts of yourself
  • Uncover patterns and beliefs that are holding you back
  • Recover parts of Self trapped in Shadow
  • Explore your dreams, values, and strengths
  • Connect with Guidance
  • Build new capacities
  • Create a plan for living what you are learning, supported by your new habits

I am devoted to guiding women to their own inner knowing, through coaching, the expressive arts, meditation, feminine spiritual practices, holding space, and lots of love & bravery.


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Terri Altschul

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