Terri AltshultTerri Altschul, PCC | Creativity, Integral and Executive Coach | Experience Designer | Professional Facilitator | Expressive Arts Facilitator | Mom | Wife | Founder of WomenConnected.net

Terri’s work is focused on helping women shape the future, and to bring back awareness of and respect for deep feminine values  through the transformative power of coaching and art.

For women to do this work, we need to confront our enculturated beliefs, values and ways of being that keep us disconnected from ourselves and going through the motions in the world around us. Terri teaches women to live their own inner truth by shedding their inherited cultural stories, discovering their own deeply held values and ways of being, waking up their creative power, conceiving their own vision of what they contribute to the world, and working in partnership with men to help our ailing planet. We need female role models who have done their own self-examination work and can mentor and lead the way into the future. 

Trained in organizational psychology, adult development, group facilitation, and instructional design,  Terri worked for 25 years in the male dominated industry of Wall Street – while raising three sons – where her focus was career and leadership development at all levels of organization. She has designed and delivered large-scale career development models, worked with cross-functional leadership teams to help them examine and reinvent their ways of working and being, and delivered thousands of hours of leadership development and coaching programs.

Terri is the founder of WomenConnected.net and offers one-on-one coaching, and runs creative online courses and retreats for women. She lives in Delaware with her husband, and her three adult sons are nearby. 

Women Connected Stand

At Women Connected, we stand for the extraordinary qualities and strengths of women. We are teaching a paradigm that encourages women to collaborate rather than compete, to trust rather than mistrust, to honor and value the feminine aspects of themselves, and to teach this honoring to the next generation.


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