Opening to Creativity

Creativity is the connection between the Sacred and your Soul.  Awaken your creativity and use that creativity to inspire your life.

You will become more grounded, see the interconnections between yourself and the larger narratives, heal your emotions, resolve inner conflicts, and hear the whispers of your soul.

We offer many approaches to working your creative path as we combine a coaching approach with the expressive arts.

Learn more below about the modalities we can bring to your Pathwork and opening to your creative self.

The Inner Journey of Art Journaling

The Inner Journey of Art Journaling is a creative and satisfying expressive arts process.  Working with color, paint, written journaling, and collage, you make art journal spreads representing different aspects of your life, relationships, personality or Soul.   You work with the spreads for personal growth and to expand your self-awareness.  Creator Terri Altschul describes how to begin your art journaling practice through online courses, private coaching, and retreats. 

The Inner Journey of Art Journaling is a coaching + art approach that Terri Altschul began designing in 2015 when she was looking for a way to process her deep grief after her mom passed away. Terri began drawing in elements she had learned throughout her career such as Carl Jung’s archetypes and concept of “Active Imagination,” Virginia Satir’s “parts work,” the 18-month Gestalt Training Program, her mentor and Gestalt Institute Faculty Rosanna Zavarella’s work “The Heroine’s Journey” and Goddess teachings, Narrative and Integral Coaching, Mindfulness, and merging them with visual journaling techniques.

Terri has now fashioned an integrated method, The Inner Journey of Art Journaling, from these methods.  When clients and coaches use The Inner Journey of Art Journaling, they are bypassing the critical mind as they learn art journaling techniques while simultaneously going into creative process to explore and integrate parts of their inner world. Clients deepen the meaning of their work by entering into a dialogue with their spread, using their own voice and the voice in the images in the spread, to discover the spread’s narrative and its meaning for them in their lives.  

Creative Coaching Programs with Terri

Join an online group program, work one-on-one, or be guided in a train-the trainer session

Online Classes

Through the Inner Journey of Art Journaling programs that will awaken your inner creative. Using your inner vision to imagine what a thought or emotional reaction would look like if it were expressed as a color, shape, or image.

Private Coaching

Setting intention, settling into the body, and learning to read your Art Journal spreads are places where we integrate coaching methodologies. You can receive private coaching to support your creative practices and deepen your inner journey experience.

Coach Training

Terri provides training to coaches who want to bring the creative processes of The Inner Journey of Art Journaling into their work with clients. Terri will also support, advise, and provide coaching for the coach.

Holding Space for You

Terri is trained in several holistic schools of coaching.  She is devoted to guiding women to their own inner knowing, through coaching, the expressive arts, meditation, feminine spiritual practices, holding space, and lots of love & bravery.

Terri Altshul

Seeking Light and Shadow

The 7-step Inner Journey Process connects you to your inner vision, imagination, and intuition.  This process integrates a coaching approach with the creative expression of art journaling.

In her newest online program, Terri will guide you through each step of the framework from an inner vision, to responding with art materials, to making meaning. You will practice with art journal techniques as you play in your journal to create backgrounds and add layers with stencils, stamps, words and collage.

As you work with journal prompts – colors, symbols and images emerge. You will begin to see the wonderful gifts that have been tucked away Shadow, transform old beliefs and emotions, and create a new narrative about yourself as you journey through each of the 7 Steps.

In The Inner Journey of Art Journaling process, you will practice with art journal techniques to express your inner vision by creating backgrounds, adding layers with stencils, stamps, words and collage.

As you work with journal prompts - colors, symbols and images emerge. You will experience transformation of your emotions, beliefs, self-identify, and possibly, even a new relationship to the Sacred within you.

If you are interested, we can incorporate private coaching with your expressive arts courses.

Here are a few of the expressive arts modalities Terri incorporates into her Inner Journey of Art Journaling programs:

Storytelling & Visual Narrative

is a form of exploring self through image, word, symbol, metaphor, object and landscape. This form can help to identify one’s experience to story, history and intuitive knowing, unfolding new experience and perspective as the creative process unfolds.

Mixed Media

Playing with abandon, we incorporate acrylics, watercolor paints, pastels, crayons, collage, stencils, stamps, ephemera, photographic art, and objects on paper and other surfaces to add layers and combine image and words.

Collage Cards

Is a psycho-spiritual process of creating your own personal wisdom cards using archetypal patterns to inspire you and to explore your many facets of self and archetypal energies.

Art/Visual Journaling

offers a wonderful design to explore visual narrative and story while working with image, word art, collage, intuitive painting, art journaling and writing.

Guided Visualization and Meditative Portals

Are valuable additions to the creative process and depth coaching. Bringing symbols into consciousness invites clarity, curiosity and perspective. Techniques that we offer include active imagination, shamanic and contemplative journey practices.

Creative and Intuitive Writing/Voicing Practices

Will deepen your insight and understanding. Engaging in writing, journaling and poetics in written, voiced and gestalt dialogue forms of expression will complement your creative process. Working with prompts, dialogue and storytelling offers perspective and integration.

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