The Inner Journey of Visual Journaling

A unique mixed media process that combines journal writing with art techniques for deeper introspection and self-awareness

The Inner Journey of Visual Journaling

There is a silent language within all of us that reveals the truth of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions far more fluently than words.  The language of the unconscious.

This language speaks in metaphor, symbols, and imagery.

When combined with instrospection and self-exploration, this expression can help to unlock the subconscious and result in a safe place to explore all the parts of you.

The Journey Inward

Visual Journaling is something we create for ourselves alone. Something worthwhile, important, vastly creative, and deeply insightful.

There is no pressure to be “right”.

Through creating personal pages, we connect with our authentic voice and inner spirit.

We silence the inner critic as our journal becomes our guide, our muse, and our companion.

Some Of The Many Benefits

  • increase self-awareness
  • learn about limiting patterns
  • reduce stress
  • release anger
  • resolve conflicts
  • comfort
  • joy
  • healing
  • health
  • access inner wisdom
  • give voice to the soul
  • access deeper knowing
  • discover latent talents
The Inner Journey of Art Journaling

Visual Journals Can Be Used In Many Ways

They can document major events, capture subtle moments, develop raw ideas, you can even record what you dreamed last night. 

Has it ever occurred to you that a journel could be used to assist with, and facilitate, health and healing, to explore the cultural influences in our lives, and be used as a meditative or creative practice?

They can even launch us into making positive changes in our lives.

The Inner Journey process gives you a place to start and a space for exploring new techniques and expressing your stories. 

Join Me In My Studio

Love Your Inner Goddess

COMING IN FEBRUARY! Calling Forth Your Wise, Brave, Rebellious, Wounded, Loving, and Luminious selves. In this 5-week program, Terri guides you on a creative journey into your psychological and spiritual depths to access your goddess archetypes.

Seeking Light & Shadow

In this 4-module, self-study, Inner Journey of Art Journaling program, Terri guides you to explore your shadow parts and uncover your hidden brilliance as you incorporate teachings on the shadow with art journaling techniques.

Art + Coaching Weekend Retreat

JUNE 8th and 9th For coaches and facilitators, a weekend immersion to experience bringing the visual arts into your coaching and corporate training/wellness programs.


Most frequent questions and answers

These programs are geared for the beginner and experienced arts alike.  We are exploring our inner world rather than creating art products.  A supplies list and suggestions for how to set up your space will be in the first module. Through the program modules, exercises, and videos you will be guided you through each step of the process. 

Just like with writing in a journal, the amount of time you spend is really up to you. Art journaling has become a part of my spiritual practices and is something that I visit several times a week.  Many participants tell me that once they experience this process they can’t wait to come back to their journal. You can work at your own pace. You may find some art journeys come quickly while others are a bit slower. There’s no need to rush. 

Many of my programs include Live Group Calls where you can ask questions and interact with other program members.  You can also share and ask questions through the discussions feature in the course platform.  You can email me at  AND, you can add coaching to your program for deeper exploration and integration.

The Inner Journey of Visual Journaling programs are designed to help you find some artful strategies to know yourself better and play with the many layers of your deeper Self.  Like all art, it reveals unknown parts of ourselves to us.  Although it can be therapeutic, the program is not therapy and does not replace work you would do with a therapist. 

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