Inclusion and Belonging in Women Connected Rise

Have you wanted a coach to gain more clarity and self-growth in your life but have not been able to do this for one reason or another? Then, the Women Connected Rise Network may be the way for you to go.  Here’s why.

  1. Rise Coaching Circles create a new way to learn. Here you will have access to an ecosystem of safe conversations and engagement, coaching, learning resources, and live calls with Terri.
  2. We learn in the context of relationships. Peer learning through multiple perspectives easily emerges.  You learn from both observing others as well as direct engagement.  You interact directly with Terri Altschul and receive support from the other group members.  Terri brings forward her extensive coaching toolkit and resources to share in the community.
  3. You learn from women who are at different stages of life.  This has been one of my personal favorites in working with groups.  Knowing you are surrounded by women who are likely going through similar challenges or who have traveled the challenges you’re facing begins a foundation of trust. It opens an appreciation for each other’s challenges and unique journey.
  4. There is power in sharing our stories. Their stories are locked within them, with few expressive outlets for many women.  When we work within a group, we can share our stories, be heard and seen.
  5. Our Rise culture is designed to create a judgment-free space. We have group guidelines, and our conversations are intentional, remaining focused on the task at hand.  We allow each woman to share her view without judgment or expectation.
  6. You celebrate successes and breakthroughs with a supportive group!
  7. You meet people who are outside of your everyday circle of life. This opens the way for expanding your network, making new contacts, and reflecting on areas where your life has settled into meeting expectations rather than exploring new possibilities. 
  8. And the Rise Network can be a firestorm for creativity. Sometimes the simplest question can bring more ideas and possibilities than a one-on-one engagement.

Here’s what one Women Connected member had to say: 

I have found that women can find it difficult to have relationships that are non-judgmental, authentic, and supportive with other women. When they have those relationships, it is often with people who are/have experienced a similar path in life with them, and the relationships are more surface than profound. Women connected hits this issue at the core. 

Through the design of the program and the caring facilitation of Terri, our cohort forged relationships within the first few sessions. Women shared things they had not told even their “closest” friends, and a special “trust” was born. With all our differences, we connected in a new way. One month I was a buddy with a Buddhist Priest from San Francisco, the next with a Consultant in Utah, and the next a recent MBA graduate from London. These relationships supported the foundations of all the work we did, which was very important work but admittedly would not have been as impactful had I just done it alone.” 

Imagine how your life might look next year if you got all the support you needed and if you had a kind of regular, built-in accountability that a group of committed listeners provides.  

I invite you to find out just how good you can stand it.

Learn more about Rise Coaching Circles here.

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