What I have learned through the chaos of my early life, and a world and career surrounded by men, is the deep need to reclaim the Feminine, to heal ourselves, and to share our journey with other women so they will not feel so alone.  

--Terri Altschul, Founder, WomenConnected.net

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Terri Altschul, PCC, Professional Integral Coach and Founder, WomenConnected.net

I grew up in a very male-oriented world. The oldest of four children and the only girl. All sons. A career on Wall Street. I was yearning for a deeper connection with what it meant to be a woman in the business world and to freely express my own feminine nature.

I realized I was not alone in these feelings. That many women were looking to live a whole-hearted life but also felt constrained by the status quo. This realization was my tipping point for founding WomenConnected.net.

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Ways to Work Together!

  • We gather to see and be seen, to raise our voices, and to bring change to the planet. We meet in a container of safety, trust, respect for differences, and a desire to share community.

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  • Live your highest power, whole-heartedly, and without pretense. Learn how to transform fear into trust, self-doubt into mature confidence, and shatter the glass ceilings within while bringing other women along with you.

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  • Access to resources, articles, and exercises to support your growth and personal transformation. Use these tools with yourself, your circle, and in your mentoring relationships.

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Circles, Coaching Programs, and Online Courses

  • The Soul-Making Goddesses $27

    Now Available In this course we will be focusing on the archetypes of Demeter and Persephone. These Goddesses represent the patterns of the mother-daughter relationship, the cycles of our lives, and our soul-making journeys into the unconscious.

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  • $47
    Integrating the Inner Critic

    Now Available! Meet your inner critic, learn how it is trying to protect you, befriend it, and release its burden as you work creatively through the Visual Journaler Process. No experienced needed.

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  • $47
    Visual Journal Your Archetypes

    Available! What is an archetype and how are they expressed in your life? Nurture self-expression and self-care as you discover the 3 most active archetypes of your life and get to know one (or all!) of them through the Visual Journaler method.

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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • All I can say is wow! Terri has a gift for helping women discover their inner power through a fun and creative mechanism of art exploration. It is evident from the moment you step into her workshop that you are in expert hands! Terri is a compassionate instructor and coach that cares about each individual attendee and strives to guide them towards their own respective stories of empowerment that fuels them for the continued journey ahead. If you have been contemplating the Feminine Shadow workshop or any of Terri’s courses, then contemplate no more – sign up today and prepare to be profoundly impacted!

    Jada Black Professional Certified Coach & HR Leader
  • Terri balances intuition, strategy, compassion, and accountability. Her coaching accelerated my professional and personal growth, and resulted in a promotion and a new job opportunity that I don't think I would have been qualified for prior to our work together. A year later, I still use the frameworks, tips and best practices she shared and have imparted many to my own team. Thank you!

    Karen Martell General Manager, Retail, Dermatology, & Fertility

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