Finding Rest in the Still Point

While celebrations are wonderful and joyful, I have often found equal delight in the still point, the rest, that follows the festival.

Some of my still points have been:

  • The week following Christmas,
  • The day after the birthday celebrations,
  • The quietness after the passing of a loved one’s prolonged illness,
  • The silence that ensues when blanketed by a wintry snowfall. 

For a few short moments, time seems to stand still.  We can hear our thoughts.  We can be without being overrun.  These are brief but cherished moments.

The Winter Solstice is another of those moments in the still point that I look forward to each year.  This cadence of the natural world calls us to rest and permits us overachievers, to reflect and retreat a bit.  I look forward to the winter months where life slows down just a bit.

As I reflect on this past year, it has been a rhythm of loss and joy offset by steadying ourselves.  Perhaps more than other years, I am acutely aware of the impact of these challenging moments, and just when I think this may be the breaking point, I can find the still point and experience a sensation of my roots going deeper into the ground.

It has been important for my development to resist the urge to get back to stuff quickly but instead stay open to the experience and move more slowly and steadily, respecting the new limits imposed by the challenge.

When I was little and got overexcited (in my mom’s view of things), she would say, “you end up crying whenever you are this excited.”  Whether or not this was true, I learned to dampen my experience of joy, believing it would flee more quickly if I allowed myself to experience it fully.

But this year, joy has also been my comfort.  It has been the soft pillow that allows me to rest more deeply.  There have been moments of pure delight mixed in with the challenges.  And rather than see the two as causal, I now see them as partners in this dance of life. 

Whether loss or joy, I am learning to welcome and dance with these emotions and then find solace and rooting in those quickly fleeting still points.

Reflect and Journal

  1. Reflect upon a time in your life when you felt lost and uncertain?
  2. What gives you comfort in troubled times?
  3. What do you consider your greatest strength?
  4. How do you respond to being alone?
  5. Reflect on whether your eating and sleeping habits feel healthy and balanced.
  6. What is your sense of the difference between higher realms, the underworld, and the earthly plane?

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