Expanding Self-Awareness With Visual Journaling

Visual journaling has opened a whole new way of increasing self-awareness for myself and my clients.

Through visual journaling, I can give birth to possibility, heal a wound, more deeply understand myself, and identify limiting beliefs.

It is subtle and the meaning of the visual happens in gentle layers.  The process is meditative, soothing, and calming.  A visual journal combines words and images – but typically leads with images.

In coaching school, I was required to journal.  I’d only ever kept a diary-like journal up to that point but I was open to experimenting.  As much as I like writing, I also noticed some elements of my journaling that were curious.  I would doodle all over the page while I was thinking about what to write.  And, I almost always write in color.  I usually reach for a color that somehow resonates with the mood I am in when I began to write in my journal.

It doesn’t matter that I’m not an artist.

I am learning techniques that I can use that get my ideas expressed visually and I know that there are endless techniques for me to learn and play with.

As a coach, I have begun inviting my clients to work with coaching questions in a visual way and am incorporating visual projects into my group coaching programs.

Contact me at terri@womenconnected.net if you’d like to learn more about how you can incorporate visual journaling in your programs.

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