The programs offered through are for women and men of all generations. Together, we will explore a journey that leads to Connecting with Your Authentic Power. We offer programs that are personal development in nature. They are not a substitute for therapy or any other kind of professional support.

You will find that some of the exercises go very deep. If you feel uncomfortable, stop the process. Be kind to yourself and take a deep breath. Make yourself a cup of tea or go for a walk. Support yourself with love and compassion. Never judge yourself. Make a commitment to work through what comes up for you and to be patient with your own process.

Who Should Not Use This Program

Victims of child abuse. This program is inner work which can cause you to relive some of your earliest traumatic experiences.

Those in crisis. If you are in an acute crisis situation, you should seek immediate help from a mental health professional. When your mood and situation stabilize, ask your therapist about joining this program.

People struggling with addictions. If you consume a lot of alcohol or drugs, or if you have an eating disorder, you should work on those problems first with a professional.

Those lacking self-motivation. Inner work takes time and commitment. If you know that you have a hard time getting yourself going and keeping yourself moving forward, stack the deck in your favor from the outset. Contact Terri to schedule working in a private coaching relationship.