A Gratitude Practice To Support Metacognition

Continuous learners practice metacognition – an awareness of one’s own thought processes and an understanding of the patterns behind them.

Gratitude is more than knowing what you are thankful for. Gratitude is also an experience, a feeling that arises within you in a given moment.

This free template provides you with the questions to begin and maintain a Gratitude Practice.

Begin and maintain a gratitude practice.

Daily Gratitude Check-in

Research shows that people who regularly practice gratitude experience more positive emotions. They also experience less envy, sleep better, extend more compassion and kindness to others, and even have a better functioning immune system.

But, despite all the benefits of gratitude, you may find it challenging to practice regularly. Consider this: a gratitude practice works because it slowly changes what you pay attention to. Rather than focusing on what you do not have, you learn to focus on what you do have. And practicing regularly leads to developing new neuronal pathways in the brain, setting the foundation for a more grateful disposition.

You can use this template by copying the pages, printing them out, and writing directly on the pages.

If you have a journal, you may want to experiment with adding the questions and your responses right into your daily journal.

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