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Combining Your Journal Writing with Art Journaling – Tutorial

Art Journaling takes us places words only cannot go.” — Terri Altschul

The language of visual art – the colors, shapes, lines, and images – takes us places that words cannot.  Art Journaling is a modality for personal growth and creative expression that uses the nonverbal language of color, symbols, dreams, and metaphors for insight and transformation.  It is a way to connect to what is within us – our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions – with the outer world and our life experiences.   Images can help us understand who we are at our core and the process of art journaling enhances our lives by releasing our voice through creative self-expression.

Art Journaling is not new.  It is a form of art that dates back to ancient times.  Carl Jung drew mandalas in his journal and saw art as a way to make the unconscious conscious.

In recent years, we are rediscovering the benefits of art journaling for personal growth, self-expression, transformation, and wellness.  Art journaling can be soothing and stress reducing, and a way to unpack our emotions and life circumstances.  I have seen art journaling help people solve problems, get in touch with their powerful emotions, and find their authentic selves.

Because art journaling is an active process, you have to experience it to really understand it.

Learn more about art journaling in this one-hour video workshop “Combing Your Journaling Writing with Art Journaling”.

Basic supplies you will need for this workshop:

  • Notebook with blank pages
  • Markers or paints – whatever you have handy in the house

Combing Your Journaling Writing with Art Journaling

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