Coaching the Feminine Path

Feminine Pathwork is the learning journey to authenticity and becoming.   

As women, this means moving away from the prescribed roles and limitations defined by society, and moving towards living from and expressing the desires of our souls.  

We no longer look to the status quo to find our path of becoming, rather we look within ourselves for the unique perspectives, gifts, power, perspective, and talents of the female experience.

We Are Here to Create an Awakening, and this Awakening is for You!

As women, we carry within us, “an unconscious template” that has been defined for us, by others, for generations. This template is encoded with what society thinks is possible, impossible, and what is taboo for women. It tells us what feminine qualities are perceived to have value, and which attributes should be discarded.

The rules and expectations for women are so far ingrained in the subconscious that they have become invisible drivers of our thoughts and behavior. 

Instead of discovering what gives us joy, what makes our heart sing, we spend much of our lives trying to make other people happy at work and home, and squeezing ourselves into their boxes.  

We believe we are following a road map for success, when in reality we are following a template that includes self-imposed limitations, hesitation, second-guessing yourself, and that was defined by patriarchy.

If women want to change things, we need authority, and authority comes from within ourselves.  It comes from understanding all of who we are, and from a strong conviction of our place in the world.

Feminine Pathwork is an invitation to take the journey out of this template into creatively redefining ourselves.

Coaching Programs with Terri

Join an online group program, work one-on-one, or be guided in a train-the trainer session

Online Programs

Are you looking for a coaching experience that is affordable with all the benefits of working with a private coach? Whilst learning with a group of like-minded women, Terri conducts live group coaching calls within her online programs.

Private Coaching

A powerful form of self-development, private coaching provides you with the full attention of Terri. In 1:1 sessions you focus on the learning and transformation that's most present for you: new learning, a transition, a challenge, and/or exploring your hidden depths.

Mentor Coaching

Terri provides mentor coaching to new coaches and to leaders. In mentor coaching, you are focusing on an area of your coaching or leadership that you want to grow and expand. Terri will support, advise, and provide consultation.

Terri Altshul

Holding Space for You

Terri is trained in several holistic schools of coaching.  She is devoted to guiding women to their own inner knowing, through coaching, the expressive arts, meditation, feminine spiritual practices, holding space, and lots of love & bravery.

Let's stop looking outside for answers...

and begin looking within!

conscious endings

Coaching with Terri

Many of my clients are women in transition.  They are doing what they think they’re supposed to do to be effective in the world, but don’t realize that the underlying frustration they’re experiencing is because the roles defined for women create a double-bind.

I have been there! When I showed up as myself, an intelligent, capable woman, I ran into all kinds of barriers.   So, I tried modeling after men – that had it’s limits.  When I was young, I even tried playing up my ‘girlishness’ and was usually a disaster.

It has taken a lifetime for me to understand that I was trying to fit in by conforming to what society allowed me as a woman. When I realized this is what I was doing, I began making my own rules and reaching for my own inner authenticity.  It hasn’t always been easy, and my choices have sometimes come with a price.  

But I wouldn’t change my life today for anything.

You may be experiencing a change like a new job, a work restructuring, or a life change.

Or, you may be seeking a new way of being, wanting to align your outer life according to your core values, develop your passions and gifts, or release outdated patterns. There is a better way to show up in the world!

My professional career was on Wall Street where I learned to navigate the world of men - and through this came to understand the value that I bring as a woman. I trained in multiple schools of coaching including Integral, Gestalt, and Postive Psychology. My clients come from all walks of life. Some work in Fortune 500 companies, some in small to medium-sized companies, some are in education, some are stay-home moms, some are in their first career, and others are working on their third chapter. What they all have in common - is the desire to live from their own inner knowing, their own inner wisdom.

All the work that I guide you through and teach, I have done myself! I am not someone who is merely guiding you, I am someone who has worked my own Feminine Path.

Let's Work Together

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As women, we need each other’s help and support more than ever. Whether this is at work or in the community, as women, we need to bring other women along with us and we also need the help of other women.

Men have known this for a long time, hence “the boys club”.

Whether it was because there were so few women in the workplace or there was competition between women, we don’t have this strong history of mutual support.

In this free eCoaching session, Terri will share the ways you can support other women AND provide strategies for you to ask successful women to mentor and support you.

This is a FREE session and will be held via Zoom. Once you register, you’ll receive an email with all the details to connect. Unable to attend at this time? No worries! Go ahead and register and we’ll send you a recording of the session.

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