All Coaching Packages Include:

Access to the Women Connected Coaching Portal

All coaching programs include access to the Women Connected Coaching Portal where you can track progress, take notes, and access resources assigned to you plus, email access between sessions.

Online Booking Your Sessions

Once you have selected your package and set-up your payment arrangements, you will receive a link to the Coaching Portal where you can schedule your first session and receive your link for your Zoom connection.  

Connecting via Zoom 

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service available around the world as long as you have an internet connection.  This service is extremely clear and reliable.  A recording of your coaching session can also be provided upon request. 

The Return on Investment 

Growing your skills and evolving how you show up in the world are an investment in yourself.  With the support of Terri as your coach, when you show up for coaching, prepared and ready to make the most of your time:  you will gain new skills, release outdate and limiting mindsets, feel seen, heard, and valued, and progress on your goals.  


$159 month

12, 30-minute sessions over six months.

You decide the topics you want to focus on. Coaching can be in-the-moment support, tied to a specific goal, or just-in-time planning.

Sessions scheduled bi-weekly.


$240 month

12 x 45 minute sessions over six months.

Having a strong sense of self, discovering your core purpose, living from your values, aligning with your strengths, and developing a practice of gratitude.

Sessions secheduled bi-weekly.

navigating transitions

$500 month

24 x 45 minute sessions over six months.

Resilience, letting go, navigating uncertainty and ambiguity are key to the reorientation and self-redefinition regardless of the nature of the change event.

Sessions scheduled weekly. 

athena leadership

$700 month

24 x 60 minute sessions over six months

Based on the book "The Athena Doctrine" learn an inter-connected set of competencies, in three action arenas of organizational life, and five clearly identifiable levels of consciousness. Includes the Leadership Agility 360' assessment and debrief.

Sessions scheduled weekly.

Art Journaling + Coaching

$99 month

6 x 45 minute sessions over six months

Embed the Inner Journey of Art Journaling with coaching support. Included in pagage choose from any one of the our Inner Journeyonline courses with journal prompts, videos demonstrations, guided practice, and coaching support to deepen meaning making while using the 7 Steps of the Inner Journey.

Sessions scheduled monthly.

Would you like to learn more about my coaching programs?  I invite you to schedule free 30-minute discovery session so that we can meet, discuss your goals for coaching, and see which package would best meet your needs.  

Individual sessions:  If you have worked with me in the past and need a just-in-time single session, they are $160.00 per session and can be purchased here.

Let's Work Together

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