Coaching Anytime, Anywhere for Women Who Want to Live Whole-Heartedly

What's Included With Women Connected Coaching

Bespoke Programs

Coaching programs that are uniquely designed to meet your specific goals.  Terri draws a vast personal library of tools and exercises to support the transformation from where you are right now, to the person you want to Be.

Digital Coaching Portal

All coaching programs include access to the Women Connected Coaching Portal where you can track progress, take notes, and access resources assigned to you plus, unlimited messaging between sessions.

Personalized Resources

Following your messaging and Zoom calls, Terri will recommend tools, articles, or exercises from her extensive library, specific to your coaching topic. 

Online Session Scheduling

Once you have decided your program cadence, you will receive a link to the Coaching Portal where you can schedule your first session and receive your link for your Zoom connection.

Video Sessions

We use Zoom, a cloud-based video conferencing service available around the world as long as you have an internet connection.  This service is extremely clear and reliable.  Recordings of your coaching sessions can also be provided upon request. 

Investing in You

Growing your skills and evolving how you show up in the world are an investment in yourself.  With the support of Terri as your coach, you will gain new skills, release outdated and limiting mindsets, release your voice, and live whole-heartedly.

Our Most Popular Coaching Packages

Coaching packages reflect the cadence and frequency you wish to meet one-on-one with Terri. 

Keep in mind that all our programs are tailored to meet your needs.

Don’t see a package that fits your needs?  Terri will work with you to co-create a package that meets your unique needs. 

Schedule a free 30-minute discovery call here.

just-in-time coaching


Single, 45-minute, video coaching call, plus two email messages

Life happens and surprises can change our career and life plans. In moments like these, Just-in-Time coaching can support you to reduce stress, rebalance emotions and gain clarity about next steps.

This is a one-time payment.

centering and leading from self

$330 month

TWELVE, bi-monthly 45-minute, video calls plus unlimited messaging

Explore and foster your self-leadership, gain a broader perspective, learn techniques to ground yourself and reduce stress, and create purposeful action for yourself at work and home.

Six month commitment.

high performing teams

$ 600 month

TWENTY-FOUR, weekly 45-minute, video calls,plus unlimited messaging

Learn the leaderships skills that engage and motivate team members, handle team conflict effectively, and build cohesion. Bring real-time team challenges into your coaching sessions.

Six month commitment.

immunity to change mapping


Immunity to Change Mapping Session, plus 4 email exchanges

One 90-minute video session to create a Immunity to Change Map based on the work of Harvard Professors Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey. Gain profound insight into the hidden dynamic that's keeping your from reaching your most desired changes.

This is a one-time payment.

getting out of autopilot

$165 month

SIX MONTHLY 45-minute, video calls plus unlimited messaging

Take a deep dive into exploring your unconscious, limiting behavior patterns. You will learn how to stop sleepwalking through life by increasing awareness, becoming consciously choiceful, and replace "numbing out" habits with healthy responses to stress.

Six month commitment.

Realizing Your Best Self

$ 600 month

24, weekly 45-minute, video calls, plus unlimited messaging

Using positive psychology and mindfulness techniques to enhance character strengths, regular self-care rituals, new habits formation, maintain psychological balance with positive cognitions, create a personal credo, and cultivate gratitude.

Six month commitment.

"Next Step" Coaching Call

Not sure where to begin? Schedule a Free 30-Minute Call with Terri to identify your next step.