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Deeper connections, purposeful conversations, being seen and heard –  all of this and more awaits you in a Women Connected Circle Membership.  You can expect to make profound changes when committed to the practical processes of the Circle.  Participate in experiential learning, personal transformation, and the giving and receiving of support.

If you are a woman between the ages of 21 and 120, Women Connected Circles are for you.  

Women Connected Members are leaders at work, home, and in the community.  The are change-makers, teachers, conscious parents, healers, and way-showers.  They are breaking out from outmoded patterns and pioneering new ways of being at each stage of their lives.

Here we do the necessary work of learning and growing, together in the safety of the circle container where trust and mutual respect are the foundation.

Women Connected is an inter-generational platform. Our programs are designed to help you expand the possibilities in your life and to provide support for your unique journey.

Imagine how your life might look next year if you got all the support you needed, if you had a kind of regular, built-in accountability that a group of committed listeners provides.  

I invite you to find out just how good you can stand it.

Here's What You Can Expect In The Women Connected Community

The Women Connected Community, is an online personal growth community that combines personal development, self-reflection, and support to create actionable insights in your life and work.

Through “Working on Me” Circles, Wisdom Circles, and Coaching Programs, we offer programs that are grounded in coaching psychology and women’s wisdom.  

Together we explore relevant themes for women’s development using creative activities, self-reflection, community discussion, and practices you can put into action.

Access the Women Connected Community and monthly Circles from any device, work in your digital journal, and attend the Live Gathering.

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Wisdom Circles

Create meaningful relationships with like-minded women as you go on learning journeys and share your soul's wisdom within the safety of the Circle.

Group Coaching with Terri

Live, online, monthly calls with Terri focus on our Circle topic for the month and provide a venue for you to share your experience.

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Working on Me Circles

Increase self-awareness, create a personal growth plan, and join Terri live each month as she shares guidance and bite-sized learning tools and resources.

Special Events

Quarterly challenges, Pop-Up Circles, Polls, and Community Discussions that help you build new practices, healthier habits, and seasonal rituals into your life.

Community Engagement

Connect with other like-minded women within the private space of our online community portal (not Facebook) as well as within the individual Circles you join.

Member Only Discounts

Women Connected Community Members receive discounts on one-on-one coaching programs, new courses, and be the first to find out about special offers.

Some of Our Circle Themes

Through On-Demand Resources, the Downloadable Materials, Community Support, and Live Gatherings, these are just a few of the topics that are supported in Women Connected Circles.

Habits of Mind

Anatomy of Self-Confidence

Growth Mindset

Living Your Value

Getting Off the Drama Triangle


What Women Are Saying

Stop Looking for Answers Outside


Choose a Plan That Is Right For You

Women Conneted Circles

Women Connected Circles + Community
$ 39
  • Downloadable Materials
  • Online Personal Growth Modules
  • Monthly Live Gatherings via Zoom
  • Community Engagement Tools
  • Special Events
  • 20% Off Women Connected Coaching

Women Conneted Circles + Coaching

Women Connected Circles + Community + 12 Private Coaching Sessions
$ 199
  • 12 Private, 45-minute Coaching Sessions with Terri Altschul
  • Downloadable Materials
  • Online Personal Growth Modules
  • Monthy Live Gatherings via Zoom
  • Community Engagement Tools
  • Special Events
  • One-year Free Community Access

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