Welcome to the Wonderful Journey of Women Connected Circles!

Deeper connections, purposeful conversations, being seen and heard –  all of this and more awaits you in a Women Connected Circle.  You can expect to make profound changes when committed to the practical processes of the Circle.  Participate in experiential learning, personal transformation, and the giving and receiving of support.

If you are a woman between the ages of 21 and 120, Women Connected Circles is for you.  Over the past five years, the women who have been in my programs are learning to take time for themselves.  They realize how they’ve been socialized by the culture and want to shed expectations that no longer fit them.  They are redefining the stages of life and pioneering new ways of being at each stage.  They are searching for ways to be more compassionate and accepting of who they are.  

These are career women, stay-at-home moms, women who need more support, women who sense something is missing, women at a rite of passage in their journey, women who have health concerns, women healing from trauma, and women who want to break the unhealthy patterns of the past for the next generation.

We do the necessary work of learning and growing, together in the safety of the circle container where trust and mutual respect are the foundation.

Each Circle is designed to help you expand the possibilities in your life and to provide the support for your unique journey through online resources and the support of the women in your circle.

Just imagine how your life might look next year if you got all the support you needed, if you had a kind of regular, built-in accountability that a group of committed listeners provides.  I invite you to find out just how good you can stand it.

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Core Circles

This is a perfect place to start whether you’re just beginning with Women’s Circles or if you are looking for a cohort of women to grow and connect together.

Here we establish the core Circle ways of working that are foundational for all Women Connected Circles ensuring mutual trust and respect, being seen and heard, and delving into topics that are so relevant for women in our world today. 

The Core Circles Programs consists of six monthly modules.  Each month we delve into a different topic that consists of guided journal activities and a Live Circle Call via Zoom.

Visual Journaling Circles

Like the Core Circles, Visual Journaling Circles incorporate the foundational practices of  Women Connected Core Circles, creating a container where mutual trust and respect are upheld, and the women of the Circle feeling safe enough to practice vulnerability.

Visual Journaling Circles tend to take on depth and spiritual topics while guiding you through the Visual Journaling methodology. 

You’ll receive video demonstrations, meditations, guided journeys, and layering pyramids to help you delve more deeply into the theme.  

These Circles are self-paced with monthly Live Circle Calls via Zoom.

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Circles + Depth Coaching

Cirles + Depth Coaching is often the most dynamic crucible for change as we combine the foundational Circle Practices, delve deeply into themes, Live Circle Calls via Zoom, + private coaching sessions with Terri.

You receive online access to all the program’s resources, schedules, and links for live calls.

We are often working with our Shadow, inner parts, and leaning into spiritual guidance in the depth programs.

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