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Betwixt and Between

I began art journaling about three years ago after the death of my mom. I discovered this work and it was at once play and healing. This practice is now embedded in my life and continues to grow.

This art journal spread is about the liminal space I find myself in once again. The betwixt and between as one chapter of life is closing and the path ahead is not yet clear.

At times in the past, the liminal space has held a lot of grief about the ending, as it can (my mom dying, empty nesting, job loss).

However, this time I find myself immersed in creativity. The ending feels more like being set free. I feel supported by the love of family and friends. Synchronicity keeps showing up. And I have given myself permission to immerse in my creative dreams.

If you’re curious about this work and would like to learn more, I’m offering an online workshop beginning October 7th called “Seeking Light and Shadow”.  You can learn more about the program here .

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