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Coaching is a journey into yourself.  

For many years, I believed that development was about succeeding in the outer world in spite of the cost to my inner world and well-being.  I would push myself to show up and conform wherever I was working.  In doing this, I hit the proverbial “wall” not just once, but three times, exhausting myself trying to meet the expectations of others – the third time resulting in pneumonia and being out of work for several weeks.

After the third time of hitting the wall and getting pneumonia, I realized I needed to change my approach and entered the life-altering world of coaching.

Learning and growth are not just about external goals, but rather a process of listening to our inner world of meaning making, internalized stereotypes, and disowned parts.  As we befriend ourselves and give voice to our deepest dreams, shift begins to happen.  But how do we really connect to that deep inner voice?  How can we capture the whisper that many of us have been trained to ignore?

While the coaching conversation can be very powerful, I was yearning for a way to go deeper.  A coaching approach that would by-pass filters, inner critics, and years of conditioning.  I found this by combining art with coaching.

Backed by research and neuroscience, Art + Coaching is an inside-out coaching experience where you can:

  • Explore your own creativity
  • Learn how to bring a visual language into your coaching practice
  • Create a unique coaching space for you and your clients to explore new meanings
  • Learn to guide your clients from “talking about” to doing
  • Support clients to express themselves in a way that goes beyond words
  • Help clients to transform invisible patterns by making them visible and concrete
  • Strengthen your clients integration of new learnings into their self identify
  • Help clients increase self-confidence and self-efficacy as they experiment with new responses to challenges in their lives
  • Develop greater authenticity through cultivating a practice that listens to the inner voice
  • Support clients to have deeper insights and new awarenesses

The process of creating art can strengthen the coaching arrangement by assisting in achieving personal development goals as we bring forward the specific qualities consistently present in art making that are in direct alignment with the goals of personal development. 

Art making contains several qualities that fit well with the personal development development aspects of coaching. Creativity opens us up to change, it encourages authenticity and allows us access to a greater understanding of our own potential. Because art making is experiential in nature, it supports self-directed learning and allows us to dive deeper into the subject of our learning (ourselves).  Working with images provides alternate perspectives and offers new narratives that shift us into new states of awareness.

Art making shifts us from looking for answers in the external environment and teaches us to listen to our inner voice (the next image, the next color, the next paint stroke).  Through the creative process of art-making, we are learning to listen to our own inner voice before taking actions in the external world.

Art does not manifest by “talking about”, rather it manifests through doing. It empowers us to move forward.   We work through a process that shifts our perspective throughout.  We pick up a paint brush, lay down color, or lay down collage as we bring our inner vision onto paper.  It engages and awakens multiple senses as we are working kinesthetically, visually, and emotionally.  In a coaching relationship, art is something that we can “do now” and it can be witnessed and supported by the coach.  

There is tremendous built-in safety in the art-making process as the individual controls the pace, the meaning making, and the narratives about what is being created.  In my own work of art-making, I have done deep personal work that by-passed my filters, fears and reactivity.  

Art making increases mindfulness as we learn to hold the inner vision of what’s unfolding and watch the learning unfold in the art. 

Art making can be used anywhere along the coaching process to:

  1. Create awareness, 
  2. Increase clarity, 
  3. Make meaning, 
  4. Explore potential and barriers, 
  5. Develop creativity, and 
  6. Deepen actions.

collage cards

In ART + COACHING, you will learn the unique Women Connected art-making process called “The Inner Journey of Art Journaling” (tm) where you tap into the silent language that exists within all of us and reveals the truth of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions far more fluently than words.  The language is imagery.  Our process teaches you how to connect with your inner vision and imagine what a thought, feeling, or emotional reaction would look like when expressed as a color, shape, or image.

Join an intimate group setting of coaches who want to deepen their understanding of why and how art-making is so impactful in the coaching conversation and want to begin incorporating art in their coaching practice.  It is also open to individuals who want to have an experience of art and coaching for their own personal development.


  • Your own creative story and how this shapes your coaching practice,
  • The benefits, research, and theory about art and personal development,
  • Working with mixed media art materials,
  • Learning the 7-step Inner Journey of Art Journaling process,
  • Practicing coaching conversations with art creations,
  • Taking a person-centred approach, and
  • Introducing art making with your coaching clients.


  • All the materials and supplies you’ll need to get started including paint, markers, collage ephemera, and mixed media papers, and much more for experimenting and inspiring your process,
  • Two full days of guided activities on Saturday and Sunday, with extended studio hours on Saturday,
  • Bonus Svaroopa Yoga session on Friday night (weather permitting we’ll be under the stars!)
  • Group meditations and activities,
  • Comfortable surroundings at “Old School” Altschul House where you can move from room-to-room and, weather permitting, work outside,
  • Refreshments and lunches,
  • ICF continuing ed credits,
  • Subscription to Women Connected Newsletter, and
  • Follow-up with Terri exploring your workshop outcomes and where you’d like to take art in your coaching practice.


Friday 6pm-9pm – Welcome and Svaroopa Yoga session

Saturday, All Day, 10am-9pm

Sunday, All Day, 10am-5pm

Upon registration, an email will be sent containing information on hotels, airports, and daily shuttles to Altschul House.


  • Two full days of content and theory
  • In-depth art journal exercises
  • Art journaling instruction and studio time
  • All your materials and supplies
  • Coaching practice
  • ICF continuing ed credits
  • Lunches and refreshments
  • Friday Svaroopa yoga under the stars

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