Are You Last On Your To-Do List?

Allowing yourself to take a break is a sign of self-respect.” — Kelly Rudolph

Women are often brought up to care for everyone else first and have only the time leftover for themselves. That would be okay if there ever were any time left over, but there isn’t, and until we schedule it, there may never be.

No need to feel guilty taking “Me Time” anymore. Flight attendants instruct us to put our own oxygen masks on first before helping others in an emergency. We can’t help anyone if we’re dead, and sometimes we die inside taking care of everyone but ourselves.

We often hear in the self-help world how important self-care is. However, we don’t do it enough, and it’s because we don’t know-how. I think we have a perception that there’s a right way to do self-care.

There are many ways to do self-care.  The thing about self-care is that it’s an active step. It’s making a decision and taking action with intention and purpose.

  • If I’m exhausted, then I need to sleep.
  • If my body is tense, then I need to stretch or move or get a massage to release tension out of my body.
  • If my mind is tired, I may need to get some air, do some yoga postures to get more into my body, or take a bubble bath and just let go.
  • If my thoughts are negative, I need to shift my mood and energy.
  • If I’m lonely, I may need a hug.
  • If I’m carrying regrets, I need to find a way to let them go.
  • If I need support, I need to reach out to a friend, therapist, or coach.
  • If I can’t hear myself think, I need to lighten my calendar and find a quiet place.

Self-care only works when you listen to your body and do what you need without resistance.

The key is to do it at the moment and to know what works for YOU.

Why? Because at that moment, your body is telling you it needs a break, but only you really know what will help.  To me, that is self-care.

What’s your favorite self-care activity?  Share in the comments box below.

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