Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Our Stand

At Women Connected, we stand for the extraordinary qualities and strengths of women.

We are teaching a paradigm that encourages women to collaborate rather than compete, to trust rather than mistrust, to honor and value the feminine, and to create communities where everyone can feel a sense of belonging.

Our Mission:  Support and guide women as they are drawn to wholing themselves and realizing their potential.

Our Mantra:  We Stand Stronger When We Stand Together

Our Core Values: belonging and connection, personal best, creativity, mindfulness, shadow work, self-care

Why Work With Me?

With deep expertise in coaching, leadership development, and understanding of complex corporate and organizational contexts, I’ve helped a diverse group of leaders and executives release deeply embedded limiting patterns and build a masterful and engaging leadership skillset.  As a coach, I’m perceptive and have the ability to ask the right questions at the right time (and refrain from excess exploration).

As a leader myself, I’ve had direct experience in the areas of building a team and achieving business results. In Leadership and Organizational Development roles, I created assessment tools, built competency models, designed global team effectiveness models, and delivered leadership programs, formal assessments, and coaching programs to thousands of leaders. 

Following a Wall Street career, I now consult and coach in Fortune 500 companies in Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail, Consulting, and Pharmaceuticals.  I’m an ICF Professional Coach with more than 5,000 coaching hours.

I help you to clearly see the intersection of who you are and the potential you have to offer. And I work right along with you to make that big picture a reality.

Terri Altschul

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