The greatest gift I can give is to see, hear, understand and to touch another person. When this is done, I feel contact has been made.

What if releasing your Inner Glass Ceiling is your most important personal development hurdle as a woman?

The Inner Glass Ceiling is a metaphor for all the parts of ourselves we deem unworthy.

The rules and expectations for the Inner Glass Ceiling are so far ingrained in the subconscious that you may not even realize they exist.  You may think “this is just who I am”.  

Also trapped within this Inner Glass Ceiling, are the gifts and talents that are yours for the reclaiming.  Take the journey into living a life you design.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You conflate, shrink, or withdraw when your ideas are dismissed or diminished.
  • You steel yourself in emotional armor so you won’t be named “emotional”.
  • On the outside you appear confident and capable, but on the inside you feel like an imposter.
  • You want to make the world a better place and yet your talents are invisible or marginalized.
  • You use perfection or pleasing as a strategy for acceptance and belonging.
  • You dim or even hide your brilliance so that others won’t feel intimidated by you.
  • You want to reconnect with the girl inside who was fearless and full of life.
  • You have a bold, courageous part of yourself that wants to be fully expressed but something is holding you back.
  • You judge yourself and other women based on a set of rules and expectations.
  • You have been looking to male role models as examples for female success.
  • You have an awareness that something is getting in your way but can’t put your finger on it.
  • You seem to operate with one foot on the gas and the other foot on the brakes.
  • You experience a double-bind when putting yourself out in the world.
  • You want to make changes but find yourself without a roadmap or guide
Terri Altschul
My mission is to help heart-centered women unlock their potential and make profound change in the world.

My name is Terri Altschul

And my programs help women like you release the inner constrictions that keep you living smaller than your potential.

I deeply understand women like you — because I’ve also lived it. I worked on Wall Street for 20 years while raising three sons. There I experienced the role expectations for being a woman in a man’s world, and know first-hand the challenges that come up when a woman steps outside of those expectations. 

My turning point came at the point of burnout and I began to realize how exploited I had allowed myself to become just to be accepted.   

As I have stepped into this next stage of my work and life, I share the tools and processes that I have learned to explore, heal, and transform our inner parts, to live life more creatively, to be more connected to all that is around you, and to find the quiet voice within that guides and anchors your choices.

And I want to share those learnings with you.

It's time to stop looking outside for answers, and begin looking within.

Women Connected Coaching Circles

Connect with the Feminine. Live from your core values.  Release outdated beliefs about women’s roles. Unconver unconscious biases that keep you isolated.  Free yourself from pleasing and perfection.  Transcend social conventions about body, image, age, and gender.  Know what it means to truly live an authentic life.  All this and more awaits in Women Connected Circles.

You can expect to be supported in achieving goals, find balance in your life, experience transformation and growth, contribute meaningful work in the world, and serve as a support to other women.

Women interactiing

Core Women Connected Circles

Core Circles set the foundation for building safety, trust, respect for differences, and a desire for learning. You will experience the mutual support of the women in your circle.

Woman drawing at sea

Visual Journaling Circles

Visual Journaling Circles have specific topics in which we do a deep dive. We work creatively using the Visual Journaler methodology allowing our feminine creativity to emerge.

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Circles + Depth Coaching

Depth Circles combine the container and mutual support of the Core Circles, a depth topic where we take our time, and includes private coaching sessions with Terri.

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