Overcome the Fear of Failure

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Ignoring or suppressing your fears isn’t going to make them go away. Instead, it’s better to acknowledge your fears—and identify their causes—to lessen their hold over you … [Read more]


Online learning, purposeful conversations, and the power to move your dreams into motion – all of this and more awaits you.

Terri Altschul

Executive Coaching

Discover the deeper levels of you, release expectations and internalized rules, and create a conscious life.  Terri is a professional coach with more than 5,000 coaching hours.  She helps women at all stages of life to realize their potential and put it into action.

Grab your journal and some art supplies as you learn a way to bring your journal-writing to a new visual level, going beyond words alone.

Let's Rise Together

For too long, women have seen each other as competition and rivals. At Women Connected, we lift up ourselves and each other through learning experiences, challenging ourselves, and mutual support.

Terri Altschul


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Connections to People Who Witness You, Rally for You, and Cheer You On

The heartbeat of Women Connected is the women who gather here.

If you’re a woman between the ages of 21 and 120, Women Connected is for you.

We support a diverse membership—everyone is welcome, different geographies, industries & fields, life paths, generations, and cultures.

Our members are in different life stages—as women progress through the seasons of their lives, their potential in each phase can take on new forms. In this way, our members can share and learn and provide a sense of foresight and hindsight.

Our membership is collaborative, inclusive, holistic, and contribution-driven.  Our members understand that each woman is on her journey to realize her full potential and express her gifts and talents in society.  The way she does this looks different for each woman.  We support you in finding what works best for you.  We don’t give advice or coach without permission. Instead, we generously share our experiences and observations so you can benefit from the insight of others while digging deeper into your expression.

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Know yourself

Healing Painful Emotions

There are moments in life that are frustrating, confusing, scary, and challenging to endure.  There are other times where we feel negative emotions like anger, loneliness, jealousy, anxiety, and fear.

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