“There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and there is only one of you in all time; this expression is unique, and if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium; and be lost.

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The Women Connected Experience

Lead unabashedly…have your voice heard…live from your core values… release outdated expectations… uncover limiting beliefs… free yourself from the constraints of pleasing and perfection…transcend social conventions about the body, image, age, and gender…create a life that works for you and more…

All this and more awaits you at Women Connected.

You can expect to be supported in achieving your goals, find balance in your life, experience transformation and growth, contribute meaningful work in the world, and experience the giving and receiving of support.


Deeper connections, meaningful conversations, and a new world of possibilities await you in Women Connected Circles.


Discover the deeper levels of you, release expectations and internalized rules, and create a conscious life.  Terri is a professional coach with more than 5,000 coaching hours.  She helps women at all stages of life to realize their potential and put it into action.

Thinking differently, the curiosity to explore from all angles, openness to experience, and generating more possibilities is central to creativity.  

Rise to Your Potential

We don’t achieve our fullest expression by chance. It takes focus, openness, self-awareness, unlearning, intention, and support.

Women Connected Circles!


Being fully expressed means learning to differentiate between our social and our core selves.  We are willing to look at the things we have learned – that ultimately hold us back – and are open to the process of unlearning and beginner’s mind.  This is like no other development experience.

Women Connected Circles are an ecosystem for who are drawn to wholeness and self-realization.

Participate in thoughtful conversations, share your wisdom, learn from the wisdom of others, and realize your potential. 

Terri Altschul, PCC, Executive Coach
Founder, WomenConnected.net

My mission is to support and guide women as they are drawn to wholing themselves and realizing their potential.

I’ve been facilitating and guiding coaching programs and small group experiences since 2007.  I started while I was still in my corporate career and held an organizational development role. Over the years, I have realized how I love coaching and group process work, and it’s my thing. 

I wanted to create a place for women to connect, experience belonging, and be seen and witnessed – something missing in our world today.  I began the journey to founding Women Connected in 2011.  Today, we offer online coaching and Women Connected Circles to support women drawn to wholeness and realizing their potential. 

Into this work, I bring forward my education and lessons learned from a corporate career on Wall Street, being a working mom to three boys, managing home, family, and work, and the unique challenges our culture continues to perpetuate for women. 

My background specializes in career-long work in adult development through various leadership positions in Learning & Leadership Development. 

Additionally, I:

  • studied and am certified in the Immunity to Change methodologies with Harvard professors Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey,
  • completed the year-long Gestalt Training program in Cleveland,
  • certified in Integral Coaching with James Flaherty, and
  • have ongoing studies with Eric Maisel on creativity and creative expression,
  • am a certified ICF PCC coach with more than 5,000 coaching and group work hours.

If you really know me, you would know I’m an introvert, adore my husband, sons, and little granddaughters, and am repossessing the third act of life for women.

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