What I have learned through the chaos of my early life, and a world and career surrounded by men, is the deep need to reclaim the Feminine, to heal ourselves, and to share our journey with other women so that we can experience being seen and heard, and lift up one another.

Women Connected Coaching Circles

Core Women Connected Circles

Core Circles set the foundation for building safety, trust, respect for differences, and a desire for learning. You will experience the mutual support of the women in your circle.

Visual Journaling Circles

Visual Journaling Circles have specific topics in which we do a deep dive. We work creatively using the Visual Journaler methodology allowing our feminine creativity to emerge.

Circles + Depth Coaching

Depth Circles combine the container and mutual support of the Core Circles, a depth topice where we take our time, and includes private coaching sessions with Terri.

It takes slowing down to become aware of the silent awareness within and to face our fears.  Speed is a way to prevent ourselves from seeing…our true nature, our hurts and disappointments, our fears.  In Women Connected Coaching Circles, we slow down, we turn inward, and do so within the support of the Circle container and the other women in Circle.

My mission is to help heart-centered women unlock their potential and make profound change in the world.

Your Coach and Facilitator

Terri Altschul, PCC, Professional Integral Coach and Founder, WomenConnected.net

I grew up and worked in a very male-oriented world. The oldest of four children and the only girl. All sons. A career on Wall Street. I was yearning for a deeper connection with what it meant to be a woman and to freely express my own feminine nature.

I realized I was not alone in these feelings. That many women were looking to live a whole-hearted life but also felt constrained by the expectations of the dominant culture. This realization was my tipping point for founding WomenConnected.net and Women Connected Circles.

The Heroine's Path of Transformation

What makes Women Connected Circles unique? 

It’s our coaching approach to change and transformation.  Our process is integral and acknowledges our mind, body, and spiritual needs.

Phase 1 – Realizing:  We begin the path in the outer world there may be a vague sense of need for “something more or something different”.  The awareness leads to searching and we begin move through our own resistance.

Phase 2 – Releasing:  As we move into the inner crucible of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and shadow, areas for transformation emerge.  

Phase 3 – Reclaiming:  We then bring our growth and learning back to the outer world and impact the world around us by these inner changes. 

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