What I have learned through the chaos of my early life, and a world and career surrounded by men, is the deep need to reclaim the Feminine, to heal ourselves, and to share our journey with other women so they will not feel so alone.  In 2011, I was inspired to dedicate the next phase of my career to helping other women through coaching, visual journaling, and teaching about the Divine Feminine.  Whatever our stage of life, we are the ones to heal our wound patterns, to release limiting beliefs, and to transform our old stories into powerful, life-affirming stories.

--Terri Altschul, Founder, WomenConnected.net

At Women Connected, we stand for the extraordinary qualities and strengths of women.

Through Coaching Programs, Online Courses, and Women Connected Circles, I offer tools and resources for women who are ready to challenge the status quo and do the inner work of releasing their own inherited patterns; women who want to create a values-driven life; and women who want to change the outer world through their leadership and lived example.

We are teaching a paradigm that encourages women to collaborate rather than compete, to trust rather than mistrust, to honor and value the feminine aspects of themselves, and to teach this honoring to the next generation.

Our Mantra:  We Stand Stronger When We Stand Together

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Terri Altschul, PCC, Professional Integral Coach and Founder, WomenConnected.net

I grew up in a very male-oriented world. The oldest of four children and the only girl. All sons. A career on Wall Street. I was yearning for a deeper connection with what it meant to be a woman in the business world and to freely express my own feminine nature.

I realized I was not alone in these feelings. That many women were looking to live a whole-hearted life but also felt constrained by the status quo. This realization was my tipping point for founding WomenConnected.net.

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Ways to Work Together!

  • Awaken your creativity and use that creativity to inspire your life. The Inner Journey of Visual Journaling is a unique mixed media process that combines journal writing with art techniques for deeper introspection and self-awareness.

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  • An ICF Coach with 30 years of experience, Terri helps women live their highest power, whole-heartedly, and without pretense. Learn how to transform fear into trust, self-doubt into mature confidence, and shatter the glass ceilings within.

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  • Terri's blog is filled with teachings, insights, practical tips, and free resources to help women of all generations wake up their creativity, make time for what matters most, and inspire you to take the wheel of your life.

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Upcoming Events

  • $97
    Navigating Transitions - A 3-Part Series

    Begins November 18th 8pm est Combining the creative practices setting intention, ritual, self-reflection, journaling, and working with imagery, this 3-Part LIVE program will guide you through the three stages of transition: Endings, the Liminal Space, and Visioning the Future.

  • $147.00
    Persephone - The Wayshower

    Coming This Fall! Create new possibilities for your life with this new Visual Journaler program, as Persephone leads the way to your inner world of transformation where you'll discover untapped potential.

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  • Seeking Light and Shadow $97.00

    What if the Shadow is really the doorway to the soul? In this 4-week online Visual Journaler program, Terri guides you to explore your shadow parts and uncover your hidden brilliance.

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What My Wonderful Freedom Empowerers Say

  • All I can say is wow! Terri has a gift for helping women discover their inner power through a fun and creative mechanism of art exploration. It is evident from the moment you step into her workshop that you are in expert hands! Terri is a compassionate instructor and coach that cares about each individual attendee and strives to guide them towards their own respective stories of empowerment that fuels them for the continued journey ahead. If you have been contemplating the Feminine Shadow workshop or any of Terri’s courses, then contemplate no more – sign up today and prepare to be profoundly impacted!

    Jada Black Professional Certified Coach & HR Leader
  • Terri balances intuition, strategy, compassion, and accountability. Her coaching accelerated my professional and personal growth, and resulted in a promotion and a new job opportunity that I don't think I would have been qualified for prior to our work together. A year later, I still use the frameworks, tips and best practices she shared and have imparted many to my own team. Thank you!

    Karen Martell General Manager, Retail, Dermatology, & Fertility

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