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At Women Connected, we stand for the extraordinary qualities and strengths of women.

At Women Connected, we empower women to heal their emotions, integrate the hidden parts of themselves, and realize their potential so that they might experience emotional freedom and an inner-outer-aligned life.

Our Mission:  Support and guide women to explore their inner make-up, release self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging habits, and discover innate gifts and talents.

Our Core Values:  Belonging & Connection, Leadership, Mindfulness, Personal Best, Self-care, Embracing Shadow

Our Mantra:  We Stand Stronger When We Stand Together

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DOWNLOAD THIS EXERCISE TO CULTIVATE MORE SELF-ACCEPTANCE. By cultivating more self-acceptance, you can build a relationship with yourself in which your self-worth is not reduced by mistakes, weaknesses, or failures.

Ways to Work Together

Imagine a place in the middle of our busy digital world, where you can come together with other women and return to a deeper feminine consciousness.

Terri Altschul


As you discover the deeper levels of yourself, coaching with Terri supports you to integrate the changes you are making in all dimensions of your life:  home, work, relationships, and spirit.   Terri is a professional coach with more than 5,000 coaching hours who has taken the journey she can now guide you through.

Grab your journal and some art supplies as you learn a way to bring your journal-writing to a new depth of emotional expression and self-healing.

Connections to People Who Witness You, Rally for You, and Cheer You On

We support a diverse membership—everyone is welcome, different geographies, industries & fields, life paths, generations, and cultures. Our members understand that each woman is on her journey to realize her full potential and express her gifts and talents in society.  The way she does this looks different for each woman.  We support you in finding what works best for you.  

We Created a Place for You

Imagine a place, a sanctuary in the middle of our busy digital world, where you can come together with other women and share your journey, where you can listen for the still small voice and return to a deeper feminine consciousness.

Join us in the Women Connected Circles Community for live circle events, connection, and intentional conversations.

Hey There!

Hello, I'm Terri

Throughout my career, I have been captivated by human behavior and motivation. I have been fascinated with why change is so hard and what keeps people from changing, even when they want to change. 

My coaching playground is helping women move outside their comfort zone to realize their potential and deconstruct unhealthy habits and the layers of self-protection – ultimately releasing inner freedom and hidden innate talents. 

I love design, color, and creating visual stories.  Several years ago, I began exploring art journaling to add more depth to my journaling and discovered another set of tools to use in my coaching programs. 

I offer online workshops, community, coaching, digital products, and visual journaling to help you uncover your innate gifts and talents. 

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