Coaching and Expressive Arts

The Heroine's Journey

Life is a beautiful journey.

An adventure that sometimes leads us to our dreams but more often than not, it sends us down detoured paths, brings us to challenging crossroads and even dead-ends.  We find ourselves on a roller-coaster of surprise, shock, awe, wonder, grief, elation, and grace.

Our lives crave unfolding.

Our minds and hearts contain the tools for the journey - the curiosity to explore, the desire for expression, our prayers to leave the world better for having this life.

Soul stirring moments.

When we leave ourselves open to child-like wonder, to moments of spontaneity and serendipity, we leave ourselves open to previously unimagined places and necessary parts of ourselves and the journey. 

Emerging from the Chaos.

Through private coaching, online courses, and Women Connected Circles, Terri helps consciousness seeking women heal within so they can realize their best selves, break through their inner glass ceilings, release outdated and limiting patterns, and live a life filled with purpose, wonder, and intention.


"As a woman leader, I have taken many training programs but have never been exposed to the life-changing tools and concepts Terri brings to her programs.  Through her programs, everything I thought about myself got turned upside down.  Today, I am thriving in my professional and personal life."  

Lisa L., Executive VP, Financial Services Industry

Transformational Coaching

Terri helps consciousness seeking women heal within so they can realize their best selves, break through their inner glass ceilings, release outdated and limiting patterns, and live a life filled with purpose, wonder, and intention.  Working with Terri is a powerful way to release fears, realize your dreams, discover your deeper layers, and to live an unleashed life.  

A six-month coaching program helps you make significant changes in your life with consistent support to help you ground the new ways of being and doing. 

Our programs are customized to meet your needs.  All programs include a free 30-minute discovery session to see if this is the right time for coaching in your life.

From there, we agree on the amount of time you want to spend on coaching each month.  This can vary, but with most of my clients, we are meeting between 2-3 hours per month.

We meet in the Women Connected Coaching Portal, where all of our communications, coaching notes, vision and goals, and resources are available to you in one location.  You simply sign-in right here on the Women Connected website, and everything is organized in one place, and accessible from any device.

Below are some of the themes you might want to explore in your coaching with Terri.

Inner Glass Ceiling

inner glass ceiling

Leading the Partnership Way

Leadership Development

Reinvent Your Career

women connected

Inner Journey of Art Journaling

expressive arts coaching

Conscious Mothering


Mindfulness Practice


The Heroine's Journey


Women Connected Certification

women connected circles

Coaching and Creative Expression

While the coaching conversation can be revealing and insightful, it typically draws on the known parts of one's self.  There is a deeper, silent language within all of us that reveals the truth of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions far more fluently than words. That language is imagery. 

The language of imagery is revealed when you engage your inner vision to imagine what a thought, feeling, or emotional reaction would look like if it were expressed as a color, shape, or image.

Explaining in words how you feel when you lose a loved one or when you fall in love is for most of us an impossible task. Words simply can’t describe such an experience. But images can – and with a depth that words cannot achieve.

By combining coaching with the expressive arts, you are able to tap into many ways of knowing yourself.  You begin to access your deeper inner wisdom.  You learn to take the journey of self-exploration, unravel old stories, find the pain points where awareness can bring healing and new emotional freedom, and identify new directions for your life. 

Ask Terri for more information on incorporating art and creative expression into your coaching program.


Mixed Media

Creative Expression Combining Coaching + the Visual Arts

Creativity points us to new paths, new ways of seeing and solving problems, and offers us inspiration from both the inside and the outside.   Creative expression through mixed media can be a powerful means of personal transformation and emotional and spiritual healing.  Using combinations of paints, markers, stamps, stencils, in journals and altered books, we begin to tell our stories visually and powerfully. 

Myths, Patterns, and Archetype

An understanding of archetypes and archetypal patterns can lead to deep personal insights into the forces of the mind – our thoughts, our feelings and our behaviours. We recognize these archetypal patterns when we think of mothers, priestess, and crones.  We easily conjure up an image of what this means.  By understanding the archetypal patterns that are present in our lives, we gain deeper insight into how our personality has adapted and can see how these patterns have helped us move forward, and how they hold us back.

Visual Story-Telling

In our art journaling programs, we teach you how to connect color, shapes, and images, with thoughts, feelings, and behavior.  In this way, our deeper stories begin to unfold.  We also teach you how to "read" your art journal spreads through two key lenses:  the deeper or symbolic story the spread is telling about you in the present and how that story connects to the larger narrative of human experience.  

Art Journaling

When used for personal growth and transformation, an art journal is similar to a written journal.  Here you express your inner most thoughts, you observe yourself as the expression unfolds and you make new meanings and connections about your true Self.  The difference in art journaling is that we use colors, images, patterns, and other materials to express feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.


Collage is another form of creative expression and can be used alone as in creating collage cards or integrated into a mixed media art journal.  In collage we're working with different kinds of papers, clippings from magazines, found objects, and photographs.  There is a unique experience when we work with collage and assemble our materials to tell a visual story.  

Mandala Making

Mandalas are found amongst the most ancient art forms.  Characterized as a Circle, mandalas are personal symbols that reflect the person creating them.  Mandalas can tell our stories, be integrated into our art journals, and connect us with the Divine.

Guided Visualization

Creative expression recognizes the connection between the body and mind.  Guided visualizations are part of our Inner Journey Process (tm).  They are audio recordings that guide you to connecting with your body and breath.  They help you to identify and accept body tensions.  Once in a relaxed state, they guide your imagination to the images and parts of yourself that are ready to be expressed.

Women Connected Journals

Discover how to release and ease away the stresses of the day with these beautifully produced e-books published by Women Connected and available in the e-Shop.  Filled with practical exercises, soul-searching questions, mindfulness practices, quotes to inspire, and lots of room for your writing.  


New Offering! The Inner Journey of Art Journaling

While the coaching conversation can be revealing and insightful, it typically draws on the known parts of one's self.  There is a deeper, silent language within all of us that reveals the truth of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions far more fluently than words. That language is imagery. 

The Inner Journey of Art Journaling takes you into our 7-step Inner Journey Process.  Using video and audio, you will be guided through each step of our framework for Inner Journeying that guides you from an inner vision, to responding with art materials, to making meaning.  You will also learn fun art journal techniques as you practice in your journal to create backgrounds and add layers with stencils, stamps, words and collage.

This program does not require any artistic experience. We'll use a mixed media approach, many of the supplies you might already have around the house or can easily purchase at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or Amazon.

As we work with journal prompts - colors, symbols and images emerge. Over the course of the program you will experience transformation of your emotions, beliefs, self-identify, and possibly, even a new relationship to the Sacred within you. 

Learn About the Inner Journey & Register

Let's work together!


Why I need a coach, and you might too!


“Every human has four endowments – self-awareness, conscience, independent will, and creative imagination.  These give us the ultimate human freedom…The power to choose, to respond, to change.”  –Stephen Covey


I have a coach.  When I tell this to people I occasionally notice the subtle stepping back as if I just told them I had a contagious skin disease.  I can see the wheels inside their minds turning with questions like “if she needs a coach, how can she coach me?”   I believe that everyone should have a coach!  It’s an amazing journey into self-awareness unlike one that you can experience anywhere else.  It’s a gift to be supported by a skillful coach.  And, coaching can have life-changing outcomes.

In the 8 years that I have been working with my coach, my life has changed dramatically.  And, if someone like me, who’s spent her whole career working in the field of adult development can benefit from having a coach, I’m betting you can too!

About ten years ago, I realized I was in a funk.  I was looking for deeper meaning and purpose in my career.  I’d had a great career and worked with many wonderful people along the way.  On paper, my career experiences created curiosity and interest.  However, I no longer felt fulfilled and I was even getting disillusioned about the way I was being asked to apply my areas of expertise at work.  Also, I was hitting road blocks in some of my relationships and my knee-jerk reaction to disengage when there was conflict was creating more problems than it was solving.

I had been thinking about hiring a coach but it became a massive decision for me.  There are so many coaches.  How would I decide?  How would I know if the person would be able to relate to me?  What if she didn’t like me?  What if she judged me?

I started reading about coaching and casually talking to people I knew who were either coaches or who had worked with a coach, asking them questions about their experiences.  I started paying attention to the people who had “Coach” on their business profile to see what they were about.

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What My Clients Say? 

I sought out this program at a point in my life where I realized I needed to make a significant change of direction in my life and career. It was time to learn to contribute back to the greater good from my heart, not my head. Terri taught me to look deeply inside myself for the answers, and to trust who I am in my reinvention. Her valuable knowledge, training as a coach, but most of all, her compassion and personal authenticity made this an enriching process of personal growth for me, and allowed me to unhook from so many fears and insecurities that I had been carrying for too long!
Connie, University Professor

Terri provided me with excellent corporate coaching and mentoring support. Although I was at first dubious as to what assistance a corporate coach could offer, I was very quickly won over by her superlative wisdom, insight, and very practical suggestions that were incredibly helpful and useful to me in my role in the corporate world. Her help was so valuable that when I left my position, I hired Terri to help me with personal transition goals and focus. I am a fan of hers for life now and highly recommend her.

Julie M., Attorney

As a peer and ‘thought partner’ I especially appreciated Terri’s ability to challenge me to think of different perspectives. She has a special talent for seeing in the moment what others do not. Co-facilitating with her, I’ve seen her use this talent to challenge a group to dig deeper into their dynamics, and do it in a way that is not threatening, but rather supportive, caring, and helpful. The client always knew that Terri had their best interest in mind and was trying to help them find their own solution to an issue. Her professionalism is a model for those of us who work with teams to improve their effectiveness.

J. Leming, Consultant
Terri is smart, engaging, creative, and warm. She is genuinely interested in helping others grow and in supporting both individuals and the organization. She has a keen understanding of the relationship between workforce and business outcomes and is able to manage controversial stakeholder relationships and maintain good relations. As the coaching sponsor, Terri was very focused on best practices and enhancing the quality of coaching. She worked hard to support her organization get the best and with the coaches to keep commitments. She provided information to help us all be knowledgeable about the organizational culture and leadership models and went out of her way to ensure we had the tools we needed to provide good coaching. She is a terrific partner, always seeking to learn and grow and share. I would recommend Terri highly.
Winnie Lanoix, Coaching Lead and Senior Vice President, Organizational Consulting, Right Management Consultants
Terri Altschul is a highly empathic, intuitive healer, whose innate right-brain gifts are presented within a grounded set of recognized and data-proven modalities.  I think this combination is essential in our post-modern world, where it can often be an ongoing challenge to maintain our balance in the midst of so much turbulence, conflicting demands, and different understandings of what we wish were a commonly-shared reality.  In my experience with Terri, she was able to enter into an unusual set of coaching circumstances, quickly establish rapport and connection, and assess and feel into my situation in a systematic yet heart-filled way.  She offered coaching exercises and practices that were just off-the-beaten track enough for me to be inspired and energized by them, and they have been helpful.  In fact, more than two years later, I’m still working with some of them, and now consider them to be ‘arrows in my quiver’ for my own coaching clients.  So I would definitely feel happy about recommending Terri to anyone who asked me for a personal coaching referral.
Rev. Russ Russell, Zen Priest, Mediator & Mindfulness-Based Life Coach

The Women Connected Circle model for deep connection is unsurpassed. Each session was well constructed to carefully and intentionally get each of us to a deeper understanding of ourselves in the presence of one another. There is plenty of safety built in and lots of challenge. After being a part of a Women Connect Circle, I decided to launch my own coaching groups. I have had 7 of them, all very successful and transformational. I wholeheartedly support and love this group work and the women of the world need this experience NOW!

Debbie, Life and Business Consultant

I’m so honored to have met Terri! It warms my heart to see how much she cares about people. She has inspired me to go after my dream. She has given me the tools to conquer it, and I can’t thank her enough!!! Since her coaching program, I have decided to live a life with no regrets!  I want to live free, bold and sometimes daring (like King Julian in that picture I sent you :-) I know I’ll fall down, I know I’ll get hurt, I know sometimes I’ll disappoint people, but now I’m OK with that.  Because of the values work she taught me, I’m figuring out when it’s best to forge ahead and not look back, when it’s best to jump in with both feet (or not) and when it’s better to say “no” and go another direction.

Angie H., Author

My team was in need of a thought leader in all things related to coaching, leadership development, and innovative ways to approach transform organizations. We were blessed to have Terri assume this position. She is a true professional, and her consultation was invaluable.  She approaches her work with grace, tremendous knowledge, and the ability to help people be their best selves. She continues to be a great asset to me personally and professionally.

Cole O., Talent Management, Non-Profit

Terri is the reason I am now enjoying a successful career in the Organizational Development field. Terri was my mentor as I transitioned into a Training Specialist role. She taught me the facilitation skills I use to this day. I would not be where I am today without her guidance and her gentle way of challenging me to push myself to accomplish milestones I didn’t even know I could reach.

 Sandra C., SPR, SHRM-SCP

I have found that women can find it difficult to have relationships that are non-judgmental, authentic and supportive with other women. When they do have those relationships it is often with people who are/have experienced a similar path in life with them and the relationships are more surface than profound. Women Connected hits this issue at the core.

Through the design of the Women Connected Circles and caring facilitation of Terri, our cohort forged relationships within the first few sessions. Women where sharing things they had not told even their “closest” friends and a special “trust” was born. With all our differences, we connected in a new way. One month I was a buddy with a Buddhist Priest from San Francisco, the next with a Consultant in Utah and the next a recent MBA graduate from London. These relationships supported the foundations of all the work we did, which was very important work but admittedly would not have been as impactful had I just done it alone.

There is just something so powerful about women including other women in their lives in this way and taking this life lesson journey together. I am grateful to Terri for putting this outstanding program together, her fantastic facilitation and all my cohort friends for our new relationships. There is magic when women from different countries, different stages of life and different socio-economic groups come together in this way. It is a real gift that Terri has given us!

Rosie, A., Director OD, Financial Services

Working with Terri is engaging in honest, open, and meaningful conversations that expand and create a vision of what’s possible. I gave myself a wonderful gift when we started our mastermind, she’s a living proof of the power of women joining together in intentional conversations, supporting each others’ goals, and expecting the best of one another. I’ve heard her facilitating women’s groups and applaud the way she encourages amazing, purpose-seeking women to live the life of their dreams.

Olimpia Mesa, CEO/Founder, Books to Courses

“Terri is a terrific coach and mentor, and her work as a leader of online group coaching brings a powerful addition to her portfolio. By taking a holistic approach to coaching, Terri helped me see my motivations, fears, and self-perceptions in a way that I could be more choiceful in my life.  Through working with Terri, I developed greater self-awareness about what holds me back, including my own inner critic.   This awareness helps me to see a broader perspective so that I’m not as paralyzed or self-doubting in my abilities.  Because of my work with Terri, I’ve come out of my protective cocoon and am starting to spread my wings.  I’ve identified things that are important to me and moving forward I can now determine the balance I want for myself.”



Linda H., Physician

Terri is a true partner/coach to her clients; providing a customized approach to each individual using her extensive tool set from 20 plus years of professional experience. She works effectively with executives at all levels, is able to convey “hard to hear” information and her insight and empathy enables her to identify targeted actions that get results. Coaching is also her passion and her commitment to other’s success creates trust even in the “tough” situations.

Cynthia A., Performance Consultant
Pleasing people is something I see almost every woman I know struggling with. That was my Achilles heel – until Terri came along!  To me, EVERYTHING was personal, especially when there was no business involved. Now my phrase is;” it’s not personal, it’s just a difference in values.” (It makes much better sense!)  I’m so honored to have met Terri!   It warms my heart to see how much she cares about people. She inspired me to go after my dream. She gave me the tools to conquer it, and I can’t thank her enough!!!
Angela, Consultant
I was fortunate to work with Terri from 2006 to early 2011. Terri has many talents: she is brave, and not afraid to push limits and challenge even the highest level executive. Terri is insightful. She is able to listen and observe her clients and understand what is really going on and what is really needed. Terri is patient, a virtue that is invaluable while helping her client get to their ‘a-ha moment.’ Terri is open to ideas, new paths, criticism. She is holistic and ethical. She has passion for people. Terri values relationships. She is an outstanding professional, an exceptional coach, an effective performance consultant, with teams and individuals at all levels. I trust Terri to get results.
Gail Pappas, Director, Global Curriculum Design, AstraZeneca

Terri has created one of the best online learning platforms I have experienced. She is an excellent coach, facilitator, and learning leader and throughout the course she gently guided us through our personal development journey. The tools and resources she created allowed all of us to have a safe space to do some really deep work.

I highly recommend working with Terri to anyone that might feel stuck in life or is ready to tackle that self-improvement goal that has proven to be elusive. She is the best!

Linda D., Leadership Coach

Terri is one of the most insightful practitioners I have ever worked with. Her ability to hear the complicated stories of my life and help me make sense of it was second to none. She helped me see the deeper parts of myself while reflecting respect and her enormous heart. I would not hesitate to work with her again and highly recommend her as a truly unique coach and consultant.

K. Cowieson, Principal, Atomso Consulting

Over the past 15 years I’ve participated in many virtual learning cohorts including Ivy League institutions. My experience with Terri’s Group Coaching Program was by far the most engaging, interactive and productive experience I’ve ever had. Without question the most valuable part of the workshop is the group facilitation and private coaching provided by Terri.  Terri takes the time to help each participant deeply understand how to approach change in a personal and meaningful way, where you not only see results during the workshop, but you are truly prepared to approach future change needs in a new, productive way.

Andie K., HR Leader

Within minutes of engaging with Terri, I knew she would be a great personal advocate while pushing me to advance my leadership skills and career objectives. Terri has a great capacity to understand what is required to motivate and guide you in the moment, while coaxing you to expand your own voice. She can tap into a wide-range of techniques, some honed over years of experience in corporate settings, and some acquired from her own experiences. I would highly recommend Terri to anyone!

Sandy S., Manager, Energy Services and Controls
I was extremely pleased with the level of coaching provided by Terri Altschul. Together, we were able to identify key areas of focus and develop an individualized plan that allowed me to improve my leadership skills within a six month timeframe. I appreciated the personalized approach that she took to ensure I was achieving my optimal performance in managing a large Operations team. The tools, techniques and exercises provided during the sessions were easily incorporated into my professional routines and I quickly found improvements in my team structure and dynamic. In addition, I personally struggled with managing my work/life balance and Terri was able to gently provide techniques to improve in this area. I would highly recommend Terri to anyone who is looking to further strengthen their leadership skills. I am so glad I had the opportunity and committed myself to this process!
Julie P., Leader, Global Bank, Delaware

Terri is an objective, neutral but motivating sounding board to discuss both professional (individual) as well as organizational challenges and opportunities.  She cultivated my individual strength and growth, including restoring my self confidence and increasing my self reliance.  She helped me to regain my individual power and voice in the C-suite.  She expanded my perspective so that I could use different lenses to view the perspectives of my team and peers, bringing out the best in my whole team.  Terri helped me expand my ways of working with others depending upon their styles and needs.  Through working with Terri, I have been restored, and am renewed in who I am.  I am challenging myself in a very positive way –I have increased self-confidence and self-reliance –I have become more of my impact as a strategic leader and I am delegating more to my team.

Beth C., Chief Financial Officer
Terri Altschul is a premier trainer, facilitator, coach, and designer. She discovers the clients true needs and develops highly customized programs. Her relationship management and design ability are outstanding. One of Terri’s greatest strengths is her ability to truly listen and adapt in the moment to ensure superlative quality. I have known Terri for over ten years. She is always growing professionally and personally. She is the gold standard in training and development.
Holly Church, Owner, Holly Church Communications

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