Conscious Mothering Coaching

So many young mothers are trying to do the right right and working so hard to be loving to their children.  Yet there is an imbalance that frequently shows up, particularly when they are under stress.   They are challenged by their own personal histories that make it difficult to offer consistent, unconditional love to their children.

My own healing and coaching with clients work over the past year, has further opened my eyes to the impact that our mother's' personal history has on the way we enter adulthood.  My mother, like so many mothers, had a beautiful and loving intention for her children.  But she, herself, was raised with conditional love, acceptance, and nurture.  This was very hard for her to see and it resulted in tremendous guilt and confusion when it came bursting through her consciousness - usually as  the result of some family drama. 

It's not just the psychological and emotional aspect of motherhood that women also pass on to their children.  It's also biological.  New research is showing that three generations of women are biologically affected when the grandmother is pregnant.  Within the fetus of the grandmother, lives an unborn girl being affected by the hormones and stress levels of her mother.  And also within the fetus are all the eggs that the yet-to-be born girl will have for the rest of her life.  Even stress patterns and trauma can be biologically transmitted to the next two generations during this time.

But what if something could be different for your children.  What if you could take the steps today to heal your past and be that consistent mother offering unconditional love and acceptance to your children even when you're tired, overworked, and stressed?    

In Conscious Mothering Coaching we address unconditional love, nurturing, attunement, and attachment.  We identify how your past may be affecting the way you mother your children.  As we do this, you begin to heal the wounds of your own past knowing that you are also healing past and future generations.  You become conscious of your choices and identify if they're coming from default patterns or if they're the best choices for your children and your family in the present moment.  You learn to reconnect with the small child within you and become the parent to her that she always needed.

In this 3-month coaching program, Terri will support you as you begin the journey to release the past, uncover default habits that lead to inconsistent mothering, and connect with yourself and your children in new ways.

You'll receive:

  1. 360 minutes of coaching spread over 3 months,
  2. 6, bi-weekly 60-minute coaching sessions and bite-size actions that you can integrate into your mothering,
  3. Support, guidance, and resources for navigating the inherited emotions and behavior patterns,
  4. Someone who's faced the questions you're facing in your mothering and can support you without judgment, and
  5. 24/7 email support (because you're going to find yourself up in the middle of the night and might want to reach out!)





Not sure which coaching program is right for you?  Schedule a FREE 30-minute discovery session with Terri here.

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