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Terri's expertise lies in adult development combined with online program design and delivery (Corporate MOOCs).  She is able to provide a range of talent development solutions for your organization.

Some of the solutions Terri can help you with:


Custom design Women Connected Circles for your organization
  • Women Connected Circles are designed to increase the effectiveness, trust, clarity, confidence, and all-around well-being of women.  This program can be customized for leaders and for women at all levels of your organization.  This program is scalable for large organizations and will allow your organization to leap forward in the development of women into managerial and leadership roles.
Designing leadership development programs
  • Terri has been designing leadership programs for more than 15 years.  She has designed programs for Fortune 100 companies that include programs for the top 100 leaders, executive and leadership teams, high potential, succession planning, as well as new manager programs.
Providing executive and leadership coaching
  • Terri is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation.  She has more than 3000 coaching hours logged and has worked with C-Suite executives, senior leaders, and individual contributors.  Terri has a wide network of coaches in the tri-state area and can help you design your coaching bench.
Designing internal coach training programs
  • Terri loves empowering others to let their own lights shine.  She can work with you to design a program to train and qualify your own internal coaches.
Providing group facilitation in-person and online
  • Terri is a skillful presenter both in person and online and for many years taught presentation and communication skills for a leading financial services organization.
Designing online blended learning programs on your Corporate MOOC platform
  • Terri has been in the online delivery side of Learning & Development her entire career.  When she first started developing distance-learning the technology was in its infancy.  Today she works with the leading platforms to design Corporate MOOCs.  She can design on your platform or the platform which WomenConnected.net licenses.
Transforming your instructor-led programs into online blended learning programs (Corporate MOOCs) using your platform or Women Connected's MOOC Platform
  • One of the exciting features of today's micro-learning is the ability to transform traditional instructor-led programs into blended online programs.  Using rapid-development techniques, Terri can transform these traditional programs into programs that your employees can access anywhere and anytime.

Contact Terri today to discuss how she can help your organization reach your Talent Development goals.

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