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About Terri AltschulTerri Altschul, Founder, WomenConnected.net 

Terri is an ICF Professional Certified Coach who practices and teaches women to release the limiting belief systems that keep them from expressing their unique talents and qualities in the world.  

Terri is the creator of Women Connected Online Sacred Circles, an inner journey for women who are looking to discover and express their purpose in the world.  


This program brings women from a variety of careers and life paths into the Circle structure where they learn a new approach to leadership and giving and receiving support.  In 2016, Terri is introducing two new programs "Breaking Through Your Inner Glass Ceiling" and "The Feminine Shadow".

Terri's approach to coaching is developmental and her keen insight helps her to see below the surface waiting to what is waiting to be transformed.

After 25 years in Learning, Leadership & Organizational Development on Wall Street, Terri wanted to make a difference in the lives of women.  In 2015, she launched WomenConnected.net where she offers private and group coaching programs to help women release the limiting belief systems that keep them from fully expressing their talents and qualities in the world.

Whether Coaching, Facilitating a Circle or Leading a Workshop, Terri teaches women an approach to leadership that is heart-based.   Her work is based on the principles of dignity, integrity, maturity, and diversity.  She is also passionate about helping people of all walks of life remember their innate worthiness.

Terri lives in Delaware with her husband, three sons, their bearded collie Mikey, and their cat Kiera. 

In addition to working with her own Coach, Terri's training in Coaching, Leadership and Personal Growth are both theoretical and practical:

Pending - ICF Master Certified Coach

2015 - Coaching and Creativity, Gestalt Institute, Cleveland, Ohio

2014 - ICF Professional Certified Coach

2012- 18-month Gestalt Training Program (GTP), Gestalt Institute, Cleveland, Ohio

2011 - Immunity to Change, Coaching Training, with Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey

2010 - ICF Associate Certified Coach

2010 - New Ventures West Integral Coaching with James Flaherty

2010 - Immunity to Change, Facilitator Training, with Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey

2009 - Gestalt Experience Workshop, Gestalt Institute, Cleveland, Ohio

2009 - Coaching, National Training Labs, Washington, DC

2009 - Human Interaction Lab, National Training Labs, Washington, DC

2009 - Group Development and GDQ, Susan Wheelan

2009- Trust in the Workplace certification, Michelle Reina

2008 - Crucial Conversations

2008- Leadership Architect / Korn Ferry

Prior to 2008- Terri is certified in a wide range of leadership assessment tools and programs, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.





I had a deep indoctrination into a male world.  I’m the oldest of four children with three younger brothers.  I had a 25-year career in the male dominated industry of Wall Street.  And, I’m the mom to three sons!  I've been the soccer mom, the hostess for most of our family gatherings, and the glue in the schedules to get everyone to where they needed to be.  I was juggling family and work and trying to squeeze in a little "me" time when I could.  Throughout my life there has been a longing for more female role models and female energy to balance the fast-paced, masculine cultures in which I lived.

My life growing up was chaotic and the narrow place for girls and women was reinforced in my home. But it was not just inside my home.  By the time I reached sixth grade, I began to experience the degrading ways that our society treats women when I was assaulted by a boy at school and I faced a criminal justice system as an 11-year old girl, where the victim is shamed.  

I learned to co-exist in this society by valuing things that men value.  When I rejected or fought against that system, I often paid a high price.  But mostly, I had little exposure to living a life that valued being feminine or to learning about feminine ways in a way that celebrated being a woman.  I longed for a place where just women gathered, where wisdom was shared across the generations, and where the power of women was honored and cultivated.

When I finally had the heart to face my constricted inner and outer worlds, I went on my own Heroine's Journey, in search of what it meant to be a woman without all the imposed "shoulds". With the support of a powerful teacher, healer, and role model, I began healing the deep, hidden wounds of my younger female self; opening the doors to parts of myself that I had rejected and compartmentalized because they didn't seem to fit in our society; and reconnecting with my body and experiencing profound shifts when my mind, heart and body were all communicating with each other.  And, perhaps the most profound and life-changing aspect of all of this, has been the spiritual journey to my female roots.   


Most of us spend our lifetime trying to make meaning out of the circumstances of our lives.  We tell the story of how and where we grew up, who our parents were, the influence of significant people who influenced us, the challenges and obstacles we faced, and how we dealt with success and failure.  We also look for maps to guide us and give us clues about how to navigate the stages of our lives; we look at how our childhood and influenced our choices as adults; we look for mentors who can help us figure out some of the tricky parts of our lives; we search for a sense of belonging and seek a "tribe"; and we wonder about our purpose and the bigger picture of life.

This story, our mythology, provides a way for us to understand who we are, where we belong, and whether our life has meaning.

Joseph Campbell teaches us about the hero's quest:  How the hero goes out on an adventure, goes into the unknown realms, meets allies and adversaries, confronts a great battle, and then returns home with the great treasure of his quest.  But this quest does not adequately describe a woman's journey, because as Maureen Murdock says "The task for today's woman is to heal the wounding of the feminine that exists deep within herself and the culture." 

In the fifties and sixties, women's mythology was of female inferiority and dependency.  In the eighties and nineties, it became the superwoman (who could bring home the bacon, bring home the man, raise the children, and look like a model while doing it all).  Today's modern woman is emerging as educated, choiceful, showing up powerfully in fields that were previously dominated only by men.  But our current mythology is not even.  The modern woman's empowerment exists in pockets in the western world and not at all in other parts of the world.  

How do we bring empowerment, choice, and education to all women? 

All of the programs in WomenConnected.net are designed with the Modern Heroine's Journey as our roadmap.  We go on a spiraling series of experiences each having a three phase form of realizing, releasing, and reclaiming. 

Heroines Journey Wheel



Perhaps as you're reading this page, you're thinking "that's me" or maybe even "I want that but it seems like too much work".  Still, you're feeling the undeniable tug of something within you that wants not just a different career, but a different way of being in your life, a different place in the world.

Why should you answer the call?

The only guarantee I can offer is that you will experience deep, profound changes and nothing about yourself will be the same afterward. I would love to say that my journey has been neat and smooth, linear, with each stepped planned out.  But it's not.  There are many unknown developments, wonderful joys, and unexpected twists and turns.  It happens on the best timeline for the emerging woman and is based on what she's ready to learn and understand.  The sweeteners of a journey are difficult to quantify, and I’m still learning as I go, but I have identified numerous treasures, experiences, and life-transforming events that I had no way of knowing about before answering my own Calling.

A few reasons to embark on a journey of consciousness include moving away from unconscious self limitations, releasing ingrained habits of societal expectations, reconnecting with your feminine self, experiencing the energy of expanding awareness, honing in on your unique expression in the world, and deepening Self-trust.  

The programs I offer through WomenConnected.net have different points of entry to help you proceed at your own comfort level, pace, speed, and commitment.

I hope to see you soon!


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