About Terri Altschul

About Terri Altschul

I am an ICF Certified Coach, a Certified Integral Coach, facilitator, an online teacher, a course designer, a writer, an art journaler, wife, mom, continuous learner, and founder of WomenConnected.net.  

My career in coaching is an extension of my lifelong career in adult development.

When I began my undergraduate work, I wanted to be a psychologist.  I felt extremely drawn to the field of helping others who were trying to figure out things in life but for one reason or another seemed to be stuck.  As I delved into the studies, however, I found the curriculum to be so disease oriented that I pulled away.  

I began to realize that my interests were in helping fairly well functioning individuals to have more peace of mind, to heal their emotions, and to design productive meaningful lives.  I quickly realized that when I am facilitating these kinds of experiences, something inside of me soars.  An inner knowing of "this is my purpose" clicked for me when I was in my twenties, and this has been my GPS throughout my career.

This interest blessed me with a 20+ year career in the field of learning, leadership, and organizational development. Many of those years were on Wall Street, yet, as my career as an independent consultant has grown, I can now say I've worked in industries from pharmaceutical, to oil & gas, to medical devices, to training companies, to non-profit, and in quite a few tech companies.  

Becoming a certified coach was a natural extension of the field to which I have been committed throughout my work life.  I'm an ICF coach and abide by the ICF code of conduct.  I have attended three coaching schools and am beginning a new school of coaching in the Fall of 2017.  My approach is a little bit integral and a whole lot Gestalt, which simply means my focus is on the whole person:  mind, body, relationships, spirit, and field.  I have expanded my toolkit of working in organizations with leaders and high-potentials, to include the healing arts, expressive arts and mindfulness.

In 2015, I felt called to focus on the unique needs of women.  I founded Women Connected and launched Women Connected Circles, touching a global audience. In 2017, we launched the Women Connected Global School, providing transformational experiences for women to expand their self-awareness and to express their potential in the world.

Today I work as a professional coach and consultant.  My services are available to individuals and organizations and I have also begun doing workshops and retreats.

I live in Delaware with my husband, three sons, our bearded collie Mikey, and our cat Kiera.  

Here's a bit about my formal professional training:

2017 - Designed and facilitated "The Feminine Shadow" an art journaling workshop/retreat

2016 - Designed, facilitated, and launched Global Women Connected Circles - a six-month program of online women's circles

2015 - Attended the "Coaching and Creativity" and "Working with Dreams - a Jungian approach" workshops at the Gestalt Institute, Cleveland, Ohio - and this opened a brand new window into my approach to coaching

2015 - Certified TiLT 360' Assessment

2014 - Promoted to ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with more than 3,000 coaching hours and 200 hours of coach specific training

2012- Graduate 18-month Gestalt Training Program (GTP), Gestalt Institute, Cleveland, Ohio

2011 - Certified Immunity to Change, Coaching Training, with Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey

2010 - Promoted to ICF Associate Certified Coach

2010 - Graduate New Ventures West Integral Coaching with James Flaherty

2010 - Certified Immunity to Change, Facilitator Training, with Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey

2010 - Certified Leadership Agility 360',  Joiner and Associates

2009 - Gestalt Experience Workshop, Gestalt Institute, Cleveland, Ohio

2009 - Coaching, National Training Labs, Washington, DC

2009 - Human Interaction Lab, National Training Labs, Washington, DC

2009 - Certified Group Development and GDQ, Susan Wheelan

2009- Certified Trust in the Workplace certification, Michelle Reina

2008 - Certified Crucial Conversations, Vital Smarts

2008- Certified Leadership Architect, Korn Ferry

2006 - High Impact Leadership + 360', Hay Group

2006 - Organizational Climate + 360', Hay Group

2002 - Certified Leadership Through People Skills, Psychological Associates

1998 - Qualified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Center for the Application of Psychological type

B.S. Organizational Psychology + 30 credits in Human Psychology

To learn more about my work history and qualifications download my resume here.

I've got lots to share!  

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