About Terri Altschul

About Terri Altschul

Hi, I'm Terri, Founder of WomenConnected.net

Let me introduce myself!  

I am a woman who began her own journey by realizing that I was living my life based on the expectations and stereotypes that were set predetermined for women.  

I grew up and have lived in a very masculine world.  I'm the oldest of four children and the only girl.  I spent the greater portion of my corporate career in the very male dominated industry of Wall Street securities.  And I have 3 sons!  In my first leadership position as an operations manager, I remember getting pushback from one of the men in our office for "telling him what to do".  Well, I'd been watching over, guiding, and directing men since I was child!

I continued in this world of Wall Street and raising a family for many years.  As my children entered high school, I had a wake-up call and realized that not only did my world consisted of primarily men, I was deeply missing the company of women who were going through the same challenges I was experiencing:  balancing work and family, feeling pulled in a million directions and feeling like I was failing on all fronts.  There were very few women in my life.  

As I began to explore relationships with women at work, I found some wonderful relationships that continue to be in my life today.  But these were fewer.  Frequently, I experienced how competitive women were with one another.  I learned about women backstabbing and sabotaging other women in ways that I'd never experienced in the direct, in-your-face world of Wall Street and hadn't experienced since my school days.  I often felt that while I was regularly interacting with some of the women at work, I didn't really know who they were, what they valued, and what inspired them - and that they really didn't know me.  This combination of growing up and understanding the ways of men, had somehow left me disconnected and separate from the world of women.

As I more deeply explore this dynamic for myself, I learned that it was common for many women in our modern times to feel networked but not really seen or known.

I also learned that so many women adapted to not being seen and known by trying to take on the outer personas of who they thought they were supposed to be (as I also did) by being "nice", "pleasing", not rocking the boat, and burying our feelings because you're not supposed to have emotions at work.  We were "trained" to act like men, think like men, and abandon our own true nature as being soft and "not knowing our place".

And, when I began looking underneath all of this, for myself and others, I found broken hearts, disowned parts of ourselves, buried talents, and suppressed potential.

My heart ached.  Not just for me but for the many women I was meeting.  This journey has inspired my work in founding WomenConnected.net.

I am a Certified Professional Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation and trained in a variety of coaching schools including Integral, Gestalt, and Mindfulness.

My 25 years of working in Learning & Organizational Development in male-dominated industries, inspires my work at the intersection of work, family, and the marginalized female voice.  I have been down the road of balancing a high-powered career while raising a family, and know first-hand the challenges this presents for women as we try to express our uniqueness and bring our voices to the world.   

In the past few years, I have begun to explore my creative side, integrating the very left-brain world of work with creative activities.  

I wear hardly any make-up these days and I've stopped obsessing about my weight.  When I am able to spend an entire day in my art studio (a.k.a. my dining room during the holidays), I drop into the sweetest moments of bliss.  

When we work together, whether through a private coaching relationship, a Women Connected Circle, or a workshop, I think of myself as your personal Journey Guide - someone who has walked the path ahead, caught the poison ivy, fallen into the ditches, encountered the dark, and met my darkest side - and came out of the other end of the path having learned so much about myself.  This is the purpose of the journey.  Together we go on adventures to explore and unleash all the parts of You. 

I am here to bear witness to your life and journey, to support you when life throws the inevitable curveballs, and to offer inquiries that take you just a little deeper - just a little further than you thought possible.  

I believe that the combination of coaching and creative expression are a powerful gateway into healing and personal growth.  Much of the work offered through Women Connected incorporates creative and visually expressive approaches with the traditional coaching conversation.

Through Women Connected, I offer a wide range of coaching programs, workshops, classes and resources designed to help women break through their INNER barriers so they can break through OUTER barriers and live a free, creative life:

  • Career, Leadership, and Personal Growth coaching and consulting 
  • Wide range of individual and team assessments 
  • COMING IN AUGUST: Breaking Through the Inner Glass Ceiling, online course
  • COMING IN SEPTEMBER:  New Women Connected Circle is Opening
  • COMING IN SEPTEMBER: Women Connected Circles Certification
  • NOW AVAILABLE: The Inner Journey of Art Journaling

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