Could you benefit from an engaged, supportive, positive-vibes only group of women who want YOU to be the best YOU possible?

Are you looking to develop your consciousness, care, and compassion for ALL aspects of yourself?


Each month, I will take you on a guided journey with a specific theme, online materials, a unique journal with exercises, and conscious choices you can apply in your life.

The basis of our interactions will will be learning, applying, and working with 8 topics central to elevating your energy, higher states of peace, abundance, and following your bliss.

On these journeys we reconnect with the feminine within us, our core purpose, and our dreams.  We look at the stories and beliefs that have shaped the women we are today and we are empowered to expand and revise these stories. 

We come to a deeper appreciation of how our female biology changes over time, and we learn the skills to navigate those transitions by reaping the lessons, grieving the losses, and embracing new beginnings.

We have intentional conversations and hold the voice of each woman in the Circle as sacred as we offer encouragement, ideas, and personal stories.

Women Connected Circles is a transpersonal journey of emotional healing, empowerment, and honoring the sacred within ourselves, each other, and all of life.

We do all of this online, from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

One of the great gifts of the Women Connected Circles is having women at different stages of life. 

In this women, women learn from each other about navigating their current season of life, or how to transition into a new seasons.

We share our experiences, our joys, our insights, and our wisdom across the generations.  All age groups are invited!  All age groups are embraced!


  1. 6 modules and accompanying journals of creative exercises, journal prompts, and space for your own unique expression.
  2. 6, 2-hour Live Gatherings corresponding to the monthly module where you will have the opportunity to share your insights and learn from the insights of the other women in the Circle.
  3. An invitation to join an in-person 2-day workshop of our newest module:  The Feminine Shadow.

Building the foundation of trust within our cohort.  We learn the rhythm and cadence of the Women Connected Circle Process, and begin building lifelong relationships.

Everything moves in cycles and stages.  As women we have three unique sets of stages in our lives that are driven by our female biology and psychology.   You will create a mandala of your life and identify where you are in these transitions and how you can realize the potential of the present stage.   Learn from women across all life stages.

This module takes us into our soul's purpose.  We look at work, creativity, and abundance.  You will explore powerful questions to discover your true nature and the purpose of your life. 

We work very creatively in this module.  We begin by using creative visualization to identify the dreams within us that want to be expressed and then look at how to turn those dreams into reality by combining intentions with planning.

Your personal myth is the story you tell yourself and others that contains answers about the meaning of your life. It reflects the beliefs, feelings, and images you hold about yourself and is significantly influenced by your family, friends, and culture. Consciously and unconsciously, you live by your mythology.

In this final Circle, you celebrate your personal accomplishments, changes, and breakthroughs as well as those of the other women in your Circle.  You have a virtual farewell meal, you express appreciation for one another, and then in a final ritual, you release what no longer serves you so that the new may enter your life?

“I have found that women can find it difficult to have relationships that are non-judgmental, authentic and supportive with other women. When they do have those relationships it is often with people who are/have experienced a similar path in life with them and the relationships are more surface than profound. Women connected hits this issue at the core.

Through the design of the program and caring facilitation of Terri, our cohort forged relationships within the first few sessions. Women where sharing things they had not told even their “closest” friends and a special “trust” was born. With all our differences, we connected in a new way. One month I was a buddy with a Buddhist Priest from San Francisco, the next with a Consultant in Utah and the next a recent MBA graduate from London. These relationships supported the foundations of all the work we did, which was very important work but admittedly would not have been as impactful had I just done it alone.

There is just something so powerful about women including other women in their lives in this way and taking this life lesson journey together. I am grateful to Terri for putting this outstanding program together, her fantastic facilitation and all my cohort friends for our new relationships. There is magic when women from different countries, different stages of life and different socio-economic groups come together in this way. It is a real gift that Terri has given us!  .”

                                                                                                       --Rosie, A., Director OD

“Terri is a terrific coach and mentor, and her work as a leader of this course brings a powerful addition to her portfolio. Terri brings her years of experience in organizational development and personal development to creating an experience that is meaningful, impactful, and customized to your very own needs. The program provides you with a framework and tools that enable you to continually address areas that you want to personally improve. I'd recommend this program, led by Terri, to anyone who wants to begin a journey of greater self-awareness and personal development.” 

--Linda H., Coaching Client

“I'm so honored to have met Terri! It warms my heart to see how much she cares about people. She has inspired me to go after my dream. She has given me the tools to conquer it, and I can't thank her enough!!! Since her class I have decided to live a life with no regrets!  I want to live free, bold and sometimes daring (like King Julian in that picture I sent you :-) I know I'll fall down, I know I'll get hurt, I know sometimes I'll disappoint people, but now I'm OK with that.  Because of the values work she taught me, I'm figuring out when it's best to forge ahead and not look back, when it's best to jump in with both feet (or not) and when it's better to say "no" and go another direction."

--Angela H, Author

“Working with Terri is engaging in honest, open, and meaningful conversations that expand and create a vision of what’s possible. I gave myself a wonderful gift when we started our mastermind, she’s a living proof of the power of women joining together in intentional conversations, supporting each others' goals, and expecting the best of one another. I’ve heard her facilitating women’s groups and applaud the way she encourages amazing, purpose-seeking women to live the life of their dreams.”  

--Olimpia Mesa, CEO/Founder at Book to Courses


All Organized In Our Online Portal

Unlimited Access!  

Available 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - Anywhere in the World

A Women Connected Circle is a 6-Month Cohort Experience.







All of the journals, self-study materials, and discussions threads are conveniently organized within our private Women Connected online portal.

During each live gathering, Russ leads us into Mindfulness practice to supporting settling in and created the tone for our special space.

Each month you'll join a live gathering with no more than ten women in your Circle Cohort, facilitated by Terri.  We create a sacred space during which you are supported and celebrated as you share your insights and learnings from the months' topic.  All the live gatherings are also recorded.


Each month you will delve into a new topic.



All throughout the program you have regular interaction with Terri and Russ in the online portal and optional coaching support is available between sessions.


6, BEAUTIFULLY crafted, journals corresponding to each topic/module filled with activities, exercises, and tools.

A VIP option will be available if you want more personalized support through one-on-one calls.

Value of the Offer

After you start working with the tools and the processes we will share with you, you’ll find that your subconscious beliefs start shifting.

You will feel supported to express your dreams in the world and you will have a place to come back to rejuvenate and continue to deepen your own learning.

In fact, you’ll start to feel more confident — creative, empowered… and you’ll feel as if you don’t need to wait to be a “success” in order to love life. You will feel great in the now.

This support and guidance in itself is something that people pay thousands of dollars for, not to mention the priceless feeling of watching all your dreams come true one by one.

Terri has a deep background in coaching and doing her own personal growth journey.   You are not only receiving the benefit of her years of learning and personal work, she is sharing with you the time-tested processes that you will be able to use for yourself, time and again.




The Women Connected Advantage

This program will have a lasting impact on every aspect of your life, and will help you in your mission to realize your Best Self.

If, for any unlikely reason, this program doesn’t live up to any of these promises, you have 30 days to cancel and receive a full refund.

  • You will be blown away by the sheer quality and attention to detail of every exercise, every gathering, the technology, and every piece of material provided in this program.
  • Your growth is our biggest passion! This program and everything else we do is designed to get you the results you desire and deserve.

The Women Connected Advantage - 


We stand for the unique feminine qualities and strengths of women.

Through Coaching Programs and Women Connected Circles, we are teaching a paradigm for women that encourages women to collaborate rather than compete, to trust rather than mistrust, to value each other as much as they value being with a man, and to honor and value themselves.

We do this by healing our emotions, releasing the need to please, and integrating our shadow.

Find Terri online @TerriConnects or at


Certified Integral Coach, and


As a feminist wanting to make a difference in women's lives, Terri's work is dedicated to helping women break through fear and female stereotypes so they can realize their best selves, live empowered lives, and make profound change in the world.

She has been on her own journey of self-mastery for many years and was a leader in Learning & Leadership Development on Wall Street for more than 20 years before founding

Terri integrates her own learnings with her formal trainings to provide you with creative, out-of-the-box approaches to online learning and self-discovery.


Russ is a real cheerleader for mindfulness.  She says that it’s the only thing she’s ever encountered in life that — so far, after more than 25 years as a student of mindfulness, and more than 15 years as a teacher — has always been unfailingly helpful in every situation, whether dire or seemingly trivial.

Russ teaches both formal and informal mindfulness techniques and practices.  She encourages people to get creative with where and how they incorporate mindfulness into their ordinary, daily lives.

Special Guest - "Russ" Deborah Russell
Mindfulness Teacher

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