How would it feel to receive a wonderful basket full of amazing tools to support your self-care right at this moment?

In “10 Days to Relieve Stress and Anxiety” you will find a wonderful mix of my favorite tools and techniques to empower you to be resilient, help you recenter, set boundaries, and revitalize your Feminine Self.  Watch videos, listen to meditations, take quizzes, get guidance, and take steps to set new boundaries. 

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Are you waking up to new or even different possibilities for your life?  Are you a female leader who wants to have more influence and reach?  Are you a coach who wants to go deeper in her own personal work?  Perhaps you are an entrepreneur who is advocating for positive changes in the world through your work. Maybe you are a mom who wants to break the cycle of unhealthy patterns for the next generation. And, you may be a woman on a journey to heal the way your past is affecting your present.



Women this is for you! is a transformational learning, development, and coaching company. We are dedicated to providing transformational experiences for the  whole woman:  mind, body and spirit.  Most of our programs are online including one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and Women Connected Circles.



At we stand for the unique qualities and strengths of women. We are teaching a paradigm that encourages women to live in a connected way:  to collaborate rather than compete, to trust rather than mistrust, to value other women as much as they value men, and to honor and value themselves.



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Check out this video about our new Women Connected Global School.

  • Private Online Coaching
  • Online Group Programs
  • Access to our 24/7 Online Portal with exercises, videos, and creative journaling
  • Be part of the Women Connected Community!


Women Connected coaching programs take you on an inner journey.  

Whether you are participating in a private coaching program or a Women Connected Circle, your journey will have a distinct beginning, middle, and completion.

In a private coaching engagement, you are working one-on-one with Terri.  You can choose from our coaching curriculum or you can ask Terri to design a program that addresses your unique needs.  Terri coaches women in their professional lives, leadership roles, and in consciously designing their lives - particularly through transitions.

In Women Connected Circles, Terri is your guide as we meet online in small cohorts.  We create a safe space and begin our work together by building a foundation of trust and mutual respect.  Each Circle introduces a new journey and each Circle member is invited to explore their growth edges, experiment with new behaviors, release ingrained patterns that no longer serve them, and be part of the mutual giving and receiving of support that is so important for our growth.

Perhaps you prefer to work on your own.  We also offer a variety of self-directed programs.


"As a woman leader, I have taken many training programs but have never been exposed to the life-changing tools and concepts Terri brings to her programs.  Through her programs, everything I thought about myself got turned upside down.  Today, I am thriving in my professional and personal life."  

Lisa L., Executive VP, Financial Services Industry

Coaching and Expressive Arts:  Going Deeper Than Words 


Expressive art is a complementary process to the traditional coaching conversation and the experience of healing and transformation. Through expressive arts, we incorporate the mind-body and the split-brain functioning into the coaching process.  When used with coaching, expressive arts can help you release stress-producing emotions, get in touch with feelings, resolve conflicts, and give voice to your soul.  Imagery is a language inherent in each individual and is the body-mind's first or primary means of inner communication.

 Here are a few of the expressive arts modalities we incorporate into Women Connected programs:

  • Women Connected Circles combine ancient practices of gathering and sharing with modern technology and social tools.  The Circle is the container in which we come together to share our journeys.  We use core practices and honor traditions based on the specific Circle program.  Here we see and are seen.  The Circle provides safety and mutual respect and it is a crucible for learning.  Wherever you see the Women Connected Circle logo.
  • Storytelling & Visual Narrative is a form of exploring self through image, word, symbol, metaphor, object and landscape. This form can help to identify one’s experience to story, history and intuitive knowing, unfolding new experience and perspective as the creative process unfolds.
  • Mixed Media incorporates paint, collage, ephemera, photographic art and objects on paper and other surfaces. It can be approached in various forms and is a useful process to add layers, combining image and words. 
  • Collage Cards is a psycho-spiritual process of creating your own personal collages of wisdom cards that are reflections of light and shadow, parts of self, guides and influences, and invites you to explore your many facets of self and archetypal energies. 
  • Art/Visual Journaling offers a wonderful design to explore visual narrative and story while working with image, word art, collage, intuitive painting, art journaling and writing.
  • Guided Visualization and Meditative Portals are valuable additions to the creative process and depth coaching. Bringing symbols into consciousness invites clarity, curiosity and perspective. Techniques that we offer include shamanic and contemplative journey process, and parts work; all of which may be incorporated into your art.
  • Creative and Intuitive Writing/Voicing Practices will deepen your insight and understanding. Engaging in writing, journaling and poetics in written, voiced and gestalt dialogue forms of expression will complement your creative process. Working with prompts, dialogue and storytelling offers perspective and integration. 

Working with Terri is engaging in honest, open, and meaningful conversations that expand and create a vision of what’s possible. I gave myself a wonderful gift when we started our mastermind, she’s a living proof of the power of women joining together in intentional conversations, supporting each others’ goals, and expecting the best of one another. I’ve heard her facilitating women’s groups and applaud the way she encourages amazing, purpose-seeking women to live the life of their dreams.

Olimpia Mesa, CEO/Founder, Books to Courses

I sought out this program at a point in my life where I realized I needed to make a significant change of direction in my life and career. It was time to learn to contribute back to the greater good from my heart, not my head. Terri taught me to look deeply inside myself for the answers, and to trust who I am in my reinvention. Her valuable knowledge, training as a coach, but most of all, her compassion and personal authenticity made this an enriching process of personal growth for me, and allowed me to unhook from so many fears and insecurities that I had been carrying for too long!

Connie, University Professor

Pleasing people is something I see almost every woman I know struggling with. That was my Achilles heel – until Terri came along!  To me, EVERYTHING was personal, especially when there was no business involved. Now my phrase is;” it’s not personal, it’s just a difference in values.” (It makes much better sense!)  I’m so honored to have met Terri!   It warms my heart to see how much she cares about people. She inspired me to go after my dream. She gave me the tools to conquer it, and I can’t thank her enough!!!

Angela, Consultant